Suga’s concert online ticket price is said to be expensive

1. I want to see Yoongi, but honestly, it’s too expensive

2. I think there will be other members and guests since this is Korea.. I don’t know..

3. So it’s 55,000 won for 1 day, right?

4. Isn’t HYBE really crazy??

5. I hate HYBE so much

6. HYBE is really crazy about money

7. A concert that you watch in the corner of the room costs 110,000 won for two days

8. Well, about 2 years ago, it cost about 30,000 won, but it’s really expensive now

9. Wow they have no conscience… I was surprised when I saw the price

10. ARMY students can’t watch the concert

11. What you see in the corner of the room costs 60,000 won??? Wow this is too much

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