Sullyoon shocks netizens with her new past picture

Sullyoon’s new past picture, looks exactly the same now


Sullyoon is so pretty

1. She looked like a doll since she was a kid

2. I was shocked when I saw that picture, it’s like when I see BTS V’ past pictures

3. Seriously… isn’t she a doll?

4. Is she human? She’s been so f*cking pretty since she was a kid

5. They can’t even make dolls like that… Crazy..

6. After Cha Eunwoo and Won Bin, I’m curious about her parents’ faces

7. She’s seriously so pretty and I’m not even jealous of her. I want to see her in real lifeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. How would parents feel if they had a daughter like her?… I’m so excited even though I don’t even have a daughter yet

9. Wow, really, really, so pretty, I’m curious about her parents’ faces

10. It is the face that can’t help but become a celebrity

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