Survey about countries that Koreans don’t like

Survey about countries that Koreans don’t like

1 China
2 North Korea
3 Japan
4 Russia
5 US

1. I hate China the most… Honestly… I lived there for a few months… but it’s not the place to live

2. I hate Japan the most

3. By my standards, China is the worst

4. For me, Japan >>>>>>>> China >>> North Korea

5. I hate China the most

6. Why is Japan so low?

7. Japan ranked 3rd? Japan should have ranked 1st

8. I’m annoyed because Japan is so low compared to what I thought

9. I also don’t like Japan, China and North Korea. I don’t feel sorry for the North Korean people whether they starve or not

10. China >>>>>> Japan >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> North Korea

11. It’s shocking that Japan didn’t rank 1st

12. I hate Japan the most, followed by China

13. I really hate Japan the most, I wish this country would sink and disappear

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