Survey results on BTS’s military service exception

[Public Poll] 57.7% support BTS’s military service exception.. Men under the age of 20 oppose

According to the results of a poll conducted today, 57.7% of the respondents said they support special military service for BTS members

Especially men under the age of 20 oppose this

1. I’m not a fan, but I don’t care if they enlist or not

2. They never said they wouldn’t enlist, so leave them alone

3. I feel sorry for BTS.. Even though they said they would enlist in the army, they are still seen as people who evade military service

4. BTS is so pitiful

5. Anyone who sees this will think they are evading military service and running away

6. No, why did they do this? Why are you guys blaming BTS?

7. I feel sorry for BTS, leave them alone

8. They said they would enlist in the army, so leave them alone.. I’m a fan and I’m tired of this

9. I don’t know why they keep talking about BTS’s military service

10. They said they were going and the ARMYs wanted them to go too, so why would they vote for this?

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