‘S*x offender’ Jung Bobby participated in BTS’ new album ‘Proof’

‘S*x offender’ Jung Bobby, BTS new album ‘Proof’ name?… Netizens ‘noisy’

Jung Bobby, who is on trial for assaulting a woman he was dating and illegally filming a s*x video, participates in BTS’ new album ‘Proof’

The 10th track ‘Filter’ caught the attention of netizens

1. It’s one of my favorite songs… Why didn’t I know about this?

2. BTS’s image is getting worse and worse…

3. I thought he participated in a new song in the album, but isn’t it a solo song? The album will be purchased by fans, and the boycott is up to you

4. The songs Jung Bobby participated in

5. HYBE and Park Jimin, please stop bothering BTS

6. I heard that this is BTS’ best album. This is really crazy. What is HYBE doing without skipping that s*x offender’s song?

7. Thanks to BTS, he will make a lot of money.. Crazy

8. And they claimed that the members are the ones who picked the entire discography of the album? Crazy

9. Jimin was the one who picked that song, but I’m sick of grabbing the other members’ hair

10. I think it would be better if it was removed from the new album

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