‘Taekook’ shippers threaten to slap BTS’ Jimin as they carry out hate campaign against him

Very recently, 3 days ago to be exact, BTS’ Jimin faced a huge smear campaign, where even his small gestures were over-analyzed & used to defame him. Even just hugging two of his friends upon meeting up with them got twisted into him committing SA and harassing another member.

Upon further investigation, fans found out that every single account tweeting and liking those vile and unprovoked words about Jimin were taekook shippers (‘Taekook’ is the ship name for BTS members Taehyung and Jungkook). Some even threatened to slap him. 

It is not unheard of for fans in the taekook community to spread malicious conspiracies or lies about Jimin, as many ex-taekookers have been open about the subtle brainwashing and organized hate campaigns that takes place in the community. But many fans are afraid that this behaviour is becoming increasingly normalized and accepted, and are therefore hoping the fandom can band together to put an end to toxic shipping.  

After all, it is not okay for grown adults to act like this over a ship that isn’t even real

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Oh please, ARMYs have always called out idiot Taekook shippers. I’ve never seen a big account to never call out Taekook shippers because they always say they’re worse than Larry shippers, and yes, they are. But it’s so funny how again, suddenly Jikook shippers who are really Jimin akgaes are back to victimizing themselves as if big accounts don’t call out Taekook shippers all the time. Y’all saw the audio of that Jikook stan calling Taehyung out for speaking Jimin and Jungkook’s name and decided it’s time to also “fight back.”


Question. Why can’t we just call out and fight both at the same time? I don’t understand this mentality that only one toxic ship can be called out at a time?

Edit: the downvotes for simply asking to help both members??? what is wrong with y’all lmao

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people on this website are braindead, don’t mind them x

Jimin akgaes are the worst

Yall are always “oh they both get hate” anytime Tae antis get called out. Last week everybody’s defending Jimin from hate but not single post was made about Taehyung getting hate also but of course Jimin akgaes have a main character syndrome and victimization kink for Jimin so now that Tae antis are getting called out this time, yall get defensive and suddenly everybody’s getting hate so call them all out?? Yall are funny.


Except they didn’t 3 days ago when this was happening were they? So no. Both they and jikookers need to be called out for what they’ve said and done the last couple of days.
The fact you assume it’s about “fighting back” instead of about using the momentum to try and take down all toxic shippers, says everything about you tbh


Exposing v antis and asking for help to get them suspended = not victimizing
But doing the same for jimin = victimizing and only something shippers do

Do you not hear yourself?


Your lying, in this fandom we cannot even say we are jk and V biased because taekook is considered a forbidden word here.


If you think every single thing taekookers do to Jimin gets called out by big accounts, you need to start following jimin biased accounts, because he gets a lot more than the small amount big accounts occasionally post about. The likes you see in those ss should speak for themselves.

Also you sound like a taekooker with how big of an issue you have with BOTH of their undeserved hate getting called out.


drop the names of the big accounts then (those that have more than 50k followers)

you all be saying anything and focusing a small number of toxic jikookers while not looking at the number of likes that trashkookers give to hate tweets about jimin.

20 likes vs 400+ likes is not the same amount of hate. trashkookers have infested army fandom and hate for jimin has been normalised. but what can we expect from army that downgrade it to “ship wars”.

even baby armies are brainwashed bc of tk_lives trash videos painting jimin as a manipulative snake, taehyung as a damsel in distress, and jungkook as a cheating playboy.


The likes on some of these… 💀
Ngl this is alarming


The fact a comment like this is getting downvoted… Guess pannkpop is infested with taekookers


look at jimin akgaes/jikookers acting like victims again just because for once the spotlight is on their breed. 🙄


So what, you think these people shouldn’t be called out and just be left to continue hating on Jimin over nothing or what?

Color color stan

You’re a solo stan who i bet also hate on other members so your opinion is not valid


Look at tae akgaes/taekookers having a problem with jimin haters being called out publicly, bc they all hate jimin for no reason 🙄


The responses under this article compared to the one about Tae… Guess it’s safe to say this site is infested with tae akgaes/vkookers
Like y’all are not even pretending to have a problem with the garbage these people are throwing at Jimin


This site is so small and almost has 0 engagements compared to the big fanbases on Twitter who keep their mouth shut when Taehyung and Jungkook receive hate but very very active when it’s their fav who receive the hate


You need to follow other big accounts then, cause there’s plenty where it’s the other way around

Jimin akgaes are the worst

Nah the fact is yall like to divert attention when tae antis are finally getting called out.


drop the usernames of the big accounts then. you all say this but cant come up with a list and dont include accounts that have less than 50k followers bc that number is not big by army numbers


Why does this have the same titile as the one made against jikookers in the morning??? Copy and paste??? Lol

Fed up too

It’s similar, but not the same? Just shows both Jimin and Taehyung gets the exact same hate from insane shippers

Jimin akgaes are the worst

Because Jimin akgaes have a victimization kink for him always, if a BTS member is getting hate from them, they will try to divert the conversation to the hate Jimin also gets but no one was bringing up other members when Jimin was getting hate last time for not being able to sing well on his encore smh.


Taekookers are so weird man. They’re legit more obsessed with Jimin than their own ship


Both shippers are weird. And if anything jikookers are constantly exposed trying to start smear campaign on tae because oh forbid him mentioning his friend/coworkers name.


??? weird how you felt the need to make it into a competition
You a taekooker or smth?

Jimin akgaes are the worst

And you’re defending jikookers so you must be a Jikooker too or a Jimin akgae cause wow the way you try to divert the attention to other matters when finally Tae antis are getting called out is so funny


It’s mostly just taekook and jikook shippers, and it’s gotten worse with the years. A lot of maknaeline akgaes are shippers and vice versa, although I don’t understand why.


Weird you’d think if you hated one half of the ship you wouldn’t ship it

Color color stan

If you’re a shipper, YOUR SHIP IS NOT REAL stfu and sit down and stop hating on other members because honestly it will not make your delusional ship real 🙄🤮


Exactly. I can’t belive there are grown adults thinking these ships are real. It’s kpop ffs, if anything someone idols are homophic themselves. And it’s gotten to the point were a simple name mention = they are married/ he’s trying to break marriage 💀

Blackpink the youtube slaves

My Jendragon ship is real tho. Cutest druggie couple in the industry.

Color color stan

Shippers are not toxic? oh please they always shade other members if that member interfere with their ship’s “moments.” all shippers honestly should just stfu


Not in any fandom I’ve been in, maybe you’ve only been an army of this is the norm there.

Color color stan

“you’ve only been an army”

Well do you think i will stan other kpop loser flops 🤢 and we’re talking about bts so of course im gonna speak about shippers of bts members 🙄


wtf one of them almost has 500 likes
and tae solos have the nerve to claim it’s unfair big accounts call taekookers out more often?


Genuinely don’t understand how someone can have a mf problem with a members undeserved hate getting called out. Both jimin and taehyung were getting hate at the same time, and both by shippers, so why on earth shouldn’t it both be called out at the same time?


Fandom has always called out taekookers and this whole mess was started by jikookers because V mentioned jk in his live or something. And then big accounts only defended jimin, jimin stans are really on crack. I don’t get them instead of targeting others, their report account should stop jikookers from targeting every other person. Do jm doesn’t get the hate in replies.

fed up too

Stfu what is wrong with you people? Is this site just filled with taekookers/tae akgaes/jimin antis or what?
Taekookers act like this towards Jimin every single day, so don’t even try to blame it on anyone else. And not all of it gets defended from big accounts.
Imagine having such a hate boner for Jimin that this is your knee-jerk reaction to his haters getting exposed and called out


Fandom has always called out taekookers”

don’t make me laugh. big accounts are scared of calling out tk accounts for years or are secret jimin antis. name a big account that called out taekook shippers like they did with jikook?

jimin got hate with 1k+ likes for hugging jungkook but big accounts were silent as always but a space that has what 20 people? are suddenly vile lol


It’s always gonna be free Bangtan from shippers cause some of you are seriously mentally ill. Dreaming of harassing and assaulting someone for “getting in the way” of your ship and delusions.. Insanity.


Shippers are a problem. And when they are a shipper + Pjm = it’s worse. Jimin is so sweet his fans are completely the opposite. So much hate yoongi has been getting because he did well in D-Day. Its insane. I think the main reason pjms are so petty and fight nasty is because they are somehow insecure. Otherwise it makes no sense. The things they’ve been saying about yoongi the past few days all for sales is absolutely disgusting and the worst I’ve seen. Even worse than blinks.


Did you see the hate Jimin got from practically all akgaes and solo stans when Face was released?


and did you see how suga stans reported jimin focused playlists first???

fed up

Pjms are so pathetic trying to divert attention away from armys calling out jikookers FOR ONCE because they were exposed for being on space saying they want to slap Taehyung. Pjms always sh!tting themselves the moment jikookers are ever called out for being Tae antis which reaffirms what we all know, Jimin solo stans are just a bunch of jikook shippers.

This post stealing the exact same title from the post talking about Jikookers want to slap Taehyung. Y’all are just mean, bitter and pathetic. Y’all don’t even care about the hate your fave is getting you just don’t want Taehyung to be defended and trying to divert the attention away from him. Rot in the pits of heII I beg!

fed up too

Y’all are literally insane. Fucking disgusting for getting this pressed over jimin’s hate being called out TOO. Why can’t the hate both of them receive get called out, esp when most of it is the exact same?
No way y’all ain’t Jimin antis when you act like this.

Jimin akgaes are the worst

It’s like this:

Other members getting hate: Report this and th—

Jimin akgaes: BUT JIMIN!!!!!!!


Shippers n akgaes are beyond disgusting 🤮🤮🤮

Fed up too

Look at the jimin antis/taekookers/tae akgaes in the comments raging over people exposing the recent hate jimin’s been getting from shippers, just because… tae has been getting some too and therefore only his hate is allowed to be called out. What an insane mentality do you need to have to justify that sort of thinking?


Taekookers are disgusting. They always just look for ways to degrade Jimin bcz of their own insecurity. DELULU bi***s. Why don’t they just f££k off and let those boys lives peacefully with each other??


Why it’s Always Jimin? Why they’re dragging that innocent soul who has nothing to do with taekook shit?? Leave Jimin alone taekookers and be happy with your DELULU @ss ship. Y’all are bunch of disgusting insecure freaks.

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