Taeyang x BTS Jimin ‘VIBE’ debuts at No. 76 on Billboard Hot 100

No. 9 on Billboard Global (excluding the US)

All BTS members entered the Hot 100 chart as solo artists

1. The song is good too

2. Please give me a dance video

3. Taeyang and Jimin ㅋㅋㅋ I knew they would be on the chart because of the good reactions. The chemistry between the two of them is so warm

4. I want to see the dance stage

5. Please release the stage video and dance video

6. Congratulations to Taeyang and Jimin!!!

7. Both did so well!!

8. I love the song so much

9. I want to see the two of them perform on stage together

10. The chorus is addictive

11. I don’t get tired of the song and it’s so good

12. Wow Youngbae is amazing.. Thank you Jimin and congratulations!!!!

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based misandrist

taeyang can openly get married and have kids with a career still intact jimin could only wish


idk about that but I think everyone here agrees that you are jobless unlike taeyang and jimin that got millions in their accounts while you probably only have a dollar in your bank account


Dude go visit a psychiatrist


Despite being an idol for decades, Jimin gave Taeyang new records, which he only achieved with his collab. Without Jimin, Taeyang could only dream of these records. When Taeyang becomes a father, Jimin was breaking records around the world and performing with his band at major American ceremonies 🤡

Lazy Banana

And we all know which of them two caused that lmao


Then what happened during With You? 💀 more like armys mass buying Vibe because they feel bad for Jimin lol

Lazy Banana

Big Bang with all of their members has never ever entered the Hot100 except maybe in their dream and you think there’s a chance this is caused by Taeyang? Delusional lmao.


I didn’t say it was because of Taeyang either but it is definitely not because of Jimin. Armys just want that record of all members having a solo debut entry on bb hot100. Nothing to do with Jimin and the song quality.


With You was not even released on 1pm or 2pm kst Friday. And why u are so concerned if armys want that record?


Jimin is definitely the main reason as to why Vibe did so well in western countries. Jimin is very popular and his first solo album is going to chart on billboard as long as they do not give us a very short tracking period.
On the other hand, With you was practically almost impossible to chart on Billboard HOT 100. Here are a list of reasons (which you probably won’t even read).

With you had only 4 tracking days for Billboard when it was released. The release time was unfavorable for both korean charts and western charts.
The track was completely unpromoted and we basically only got 1 tweet with the announcement of release and links to spotify, youtube music and apple music. The song release was never announced on instagram, which means that many fans were not even aware that a new ost had been released immediately. Even Jimin and the other members never mentioned the song anywhere.

Jimin’s personal spotify account was launched at the same time with With you and there were many problems with his account. Jimin’s account was unverified and unsearchable for a while after the song release, which confused a lot of people and affected the streams especially in the beginning. There were also problems with the track’s tagging/categories in spotify, but I’m not going to get into that mess.

Psy and Suga’s That that was released only a few days after With you. Unlike With you, That that was heavily promoted and did end up taking attention away from With you.

Ps. Mass buying is not a thing anymore, Billboard made sure of that with their updates for their charts.


WY won’t chart anyway. Only one fandom doing the hard carry, that too with high filtering rate for their streams. Vibe can do it because of two fandoms. It’s really a teamwork.


Stop claiming armys hardwork. I dont see any bigbang or bigbang members on the list except taeyang ft jimin.


You did great, Army! Congratulations to Jimin and TY.


Despite all the problems with Spotify, despite all the problems with iTunes, despite being released later in India and other major countries, and despite jimin’s crediting problem, Vibe still takes first place.Yes. Antis are right to be jealous of Jimin 🥳


Love u 🥺


Thank you to Jimin and army only.


Congratulations to them! I’m so proud of Jimin 💜 Make sure to keep up the support~

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