Taeyeon and IVE Ahn Yujin wore the same dress recently

Valentino 2023

1. The two of them look good in different ways

2. Wow, the vibes are different depending on each person, both of them are pretty

3. The dress seems to suit girls who have small waists

4. Yujin is tall so the dress looks short

5. Yujin’s proportions are crazy, every time I see IVE, Yujin is the first one that catches my eye

6. I like Taeyeon and Yujin, but I think their outfits aren’t very pretty and show too much

7. Yujin’s body is perfect

8. The two of them look pretty with different vibes.. Yujin is really pretty these days

9. Taeyeon’s figure is so pretty

10. Taeyeon is so white and pretty

11. Model looks the best, next is Yujin and then Taeyeon

12. Taeyeon is pretty too but it suits Yujin better

13. Taeyeon looks like an Aespa member, but I can’t remember her name

14. I think Yujin looks better

15. Don’t compare anymore.. Both are pretty

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