Taeyeon and Jennie wear the same clothes

MC Taeyeon on Queendom today

Gentle Monster photo, Jennie

1. Wow.. Jennie is amazing, Taeyeon is pretty too

2. Taeyeon is white and really pretty

3. Taeyeon is so skinny, both are pretty, but this dress suits Jenny better

4. I can only see Jennie

5. Look at this, Taeyeon and Jo Kwon really look alike

6. I saw Taeyeon on the show and thought she was f*cking pretty

7. No, both are pretty, so why are you comparing them?

8. Wow, the last picture of Jennie is amazing

9. The clothes aren’t very pretty, but I think Taeyeon and Jennie wore it so it looks good

10. Why does Taeyeon look like BoA??? I never thought they looked alike before

11. Wow Jennie is seriously a hot girl

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