Taeyeon, Nayeon, and Hyein on Harper’s Bazaar Korea May covers

Harper’s Bazaar Korea May covers Taeyeon, Nayeon, Hyein




1. Hyein is amazing

2. Hyein really looks like a model

3. Taeyeon looks like a model even with freckles in the first photoㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Wow Hyein is a model????????

5. I’m surprised that this concept suits Nayeon, I know only bright things suit her

6. Taeyeon’s first photo is so pretty

7. Hyein is just a model

8. Hyein is crazy.. I personally think she is the best among Louis Vuitton ambassadors

9. Is Hyein a model…?

10. Taeyeon is really daebak, she’s cool and pretty, she’s good at taking pictures and she’s really good at everything

11. Nayeon is pretty and her expression is really good

12. Wow, I was surprised by Hyein

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