Taeyeon’s new song is disappointing on the charts

Taeyeon made her comeback with her new song but it wasn’t promoted well

It’s Taeyeon ‘Heaven’..

Personally, I thought the song was well chosen and the responses from muggles and fans were good, but I never imagined it would drop off the chart so quickly, so I was really shocked

Maybe the problem is that there’s too little promotion, no activities at all, and the concept doesn’t match the song

1. The song is good but the MV isn’t that good…

2. I didn’t even know she released her new song. I’ll have to listen to it

3. I’m listening to it and it’s so good

4. The company really has to work hard to promote the song these days…

5. I listened to it as soon as it came out and the song wasn’t very good

6. Why isn’t Taeyeon’s song promoted and she doesn’t even go to music shows?

7. The song isn’t very good…

8. I didn’t even know the song was released

9. Is this a pre-release song? I didn’t even know the song was released

10. Personally, I don’t like this song

11. This song is the worst for me

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