Taeyong’s concert ticket price is really too expensive

Taeyong’s concert ticket price is really too expensive..

Not all NCT members but only Taeyong’s concert

Is this the right price?

What do you think about your fans?

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1. [+24, -6] Not only Taeyong, starting from Taemin last year, all singers whether solo or group are at that price, things will continue like that and just hope the ticket prices don’t increase any more

2. [+22, -10] If you don’t like it, don’t go

3. [+11, -2] The ball was launched by HYBE

4. [+7, -0] Don’t all SM singers’ concerts have that price? So it’s even funnier to wonder why his concert tickets are so expensive

5. [+4, -2] Taeyong is really a star… It’s really expensive, but other celebrities holding solo concerts also have the same ticket price, and only Taeyong makes noise…

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