The 1st~3rd place in terms of YouTube subscribers for male idols has finally changed after several years

1st place: BTS with 77.1 million subscribers

2nd place: Stray Kids with 15.1 million subscribers (+1)

3rd place: Big Bang with 15.1 million subscribers (-1)

1. Wow, the difference between 1st and 2nd place

2. Big Bang is crazy

3. Stray Kids deserves to be known abroad. Their concept is so good and they perform so well on stage

4. BTS’s class is different… Stray Kids is really popular

5. The biggest surprise is that the 3rd place belongs to Big Bang

6. 1st place is amazing. The difference is huge

7. Big Bang is amazing. I couldn’t believe how many YouTube subscribers they had back then

8. Stray Kids also seems to be so popular in Japan

9. The difference is huge

10. Before BTS debuted, Big Bang must have dominated everything, Big Bang’s MVs all had high views

11. BTS’s account didn’t even post the MV but the difference is huge

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