The 3 songs in the top 5 of Melon TOP 100 are all SM songs right now

2 Taeyeon To. X
4 Aespa Drama
5 RIIZE Love 119

1. All I can say is RIIZE is amazing

2. ‘To. X’ is so good, I listen to it every day

3. I like all the songs except the 1st song

4. Taeyeon’s song is the best… but everyone knows the 2nd to 5th song, who is the first song?

5. Taeyeon is really amazing without any promotions or music shows

6. Who is in 1st place?

7. Am I the only one listening to the 1st song? It’s good

8. I never get tired of listening to Taeyeon and Aespa’s songs

9. It seems like SM’s era has come again

10. Hul, RIIZE is crazy

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