The article about Aepsa’s comeback finally appeared

[Exclusive] Aespa confirms comeback in May

Aespa will release a new album in early May. It has been 10 months since the release of the 2nd mini album ‘Girls’ last July

1. Won’t Aespa make their comeback in April?

2. I hope they are well prepared. I hope the choreography for the title song is good ㅠㅠ

3. I thought they would make their comeback in April

4. All the songs at the concert are so good, I’m looking forward to it!!!

5. Finally!!!!!!

6. They said it was April, but it seems to be delayed

7. Finally Aespa is back

8. I’ve been waiting for Aespa’s comeback for a long time

9. Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!

10. I’m looking forward to it

11. I hope the title song will be good

12. Please make a comeback on May 1!!!!!

13. The article about Aepsa’s comeback finally appeared

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Will they buy another song & do a remake it again?


using blink name to hate on others, such a pathetic move. previous release not even remake but of course you only knows about next level because the impact is huge until a hater like you still get that song stuck in your brain


SM is rich so why not


So sad that sm aren’t doing the promo for aespa properly


let’s see, aespa is still on the tour


Because they are ugly plastic hags


They’re going to flop so hard
Ugly untalented plastic monsters


Gonna burn whatever is left of SM down if they don’t include Salty and Sweet & Ningning and Karina’s solos

Dispatch The Pussies

Aespa’s epic comeback will take the world by storm. Their new single and music video are generating immense hype and has already acquired millions of views in just a few days. It is sure to dominate the charts for weeks to come and will surely be remembered as one of the most iconic comebacks of the 21st century. Aespa have the potential to redefine k-pop with their captivating and innovative sound, taking the genre to a whole new level.

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