The article claims that ILLIT Wonhee was hospitalized after receiving malicious comments because of Min Heejin

Accused of plagiarism by Min Heejin → ILLIT Wonhee, who received malicious comments, ended up having to go to the hospital because she was “in a bad condition”

Wonhee, a member of HYBE’s new group ILLIT, will not participate in the schedule due to poor health.

ILLIT’s management company, Belift Lab, said on May 23 through ILLIT’s official account: “Wonhee received medical treatment at the hospital today due to her poor condition. Based on comments ​ ​of medical staff, she will not be able to participate in the scheduled Hannam University festival today. Thank you Hannam University students and fans for your generous understanding.”

1. Is she feeling tired because of Min Heejin?

2. ? What does Min Heejin have to do with her being sick?

3. It’s HYBE’s fault, HYBE started it all

4. I feel sorry for Min Heejin

5. Stop blaming Min Heejin

6. What does Min Heejin have to do with this?

7. Isn’t NewJeans making a comeback on Friday? They don’t even promote the singers, they just try to take advantage of them

8. Isn’t that the member who reported the malicious comments before?

9. Why is this Min Heejin’s fault?

10. HYBE is crazy, stop hiding behind artists

11. I guess the agency couldn’t have published the article without Min Heejin

12. The title is crazy.. HYBE is so scary

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