The article said that at least Karina apologized, but Jennie was irresponsible about her dating

At least Karina apologized… Compare with Jennie who is irresponsible about her dating

After Aespa Karina admitted to the dating rumors, attention is focusing on BLACKPINK Jennie’s actions

On the 5th, Karina left a handwritten apology to the fandom. This is due to her romantic relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook, which was revealed about a week ago

Jennie was the subject of many dating rumors last year. Jennie was silent and didn’t leave any information about her relationship or breakup

1. But isn’t it normal for idols to apologize when there are dating rumors? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know

2. Why are you doing this to Jennie?

3. No, why does Jennie have to apologize for dating? We shouldn’t pay attention to her private life. Her fans just want her to be happy, right?

4. Why should she apologize? Are you crazy?

5. Jennie’s fans didn’t threaten to leave the fandom even when the dating rumors broke out, they are not losers

6. Karina also apologized without doing anything wrong, so why should Jennie apologize? Is dating wrong?

7. Damn, don’t touch Jennie

8. V was also silent, so why did you only do that to Jennie?

9. Because of Karina’s fans, a bad precedent was created

10. Why do you keep doing this to Jennie? Jennie’s fans have never been angry

11. There is a difference between having a domestic fandom or not

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