The biggest hit song by male idols every year

1996 HOT – Candy

1997 HOT – Happiness

1998 HOT – Hope

1999 HOT – I Yah!

2000 g.o.d – Lie

2001 g.o.d – Road

2002 g.o.d – Letter

2003 Shinhwa – Your wedding

2004 TVXQ – Hug

2005 TVXQ – Rising Sun

2006 TVXQ – “O”-Jung Ban Hap

2007 Big Bang – Lies

2008 Big Bang – Haru Haru

2009 Big Bang – Sunset Glow

2010 BEAST – Shock

2011 Big Bang – Tonight

2012 Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

2013 EXO – Growl

2014 EXO – Overdose

2015 Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang

2016 EXO – Monster

2017 BTS – DNA

2018 BTS – Fake Love

2019 BTS – Boy With Luv

2020 BTS – Dynamite

2021 BTS – Butter

[+111, -53]

1. [+118, -154] Was this post written by an SM fan? BTS has been the one top boy group since 2016, what kind of EXO is it? EXO ‘Monster’? BTS ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ dominated at that time

2. [+115, -101] Big Bang ‘Lies’ vs g.o.d ‘Lie’, which is more successful? Big Bang – voteup, g.o.d – votedown

3. [+87, -78] EXO has been overthrown since 2016, it was not EXO in 2016

4. [+85, -6] I can’t forget the shock of listening to ‘Lies’ for the first time in 2007… I still get goosebumps listening to it now

5. [+37, -5] It was iKON ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ in 2018, What is Fake Love?

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Armys are stupid. Go and check digital points and yearly digital chart ranking. Monster ranked higher than any of bts’ release in 2016. They had most streams on melon and also that song was second most streamed song on Genie 2016. None of Bts’ song achieved that back the . Just because they were popular oversea their physical sales were high it didn’t mean they surpassed exo in South Korea at that time. Their songs weren’t as popular as exo’s. Exo even won two daesangs are MMA as well as most other award ceremonies.


Even blood sweat and tears only ranked at No.94 gaon yearly chart🤣🤣


Exo members are trash. Where are they now? Tanked and desperate for popularity.


Blood sweat and tears were only no.6 on Gaon monthly chart October🤣 it was a flop song stupid armys

Jj dw

It was love scenario in 2018 for real that song overtook everywhere and won song of the year

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