The combination of BTS V’s sensitivity and Min Heejin’s sensitivity in his solo album

One spoon of Min Heejin’s producing according to BTS V’s emotionality

1. V’s sensitivity is so good

2. Min Heejin did so well

3. No matter what anyone says, V’s sensitivity is good

4. You should definitely own at least 1 album like this

5. V and Min Heejin seem to have good sensibilities, so I’m looking forward to the album

6. I’m not a fan of BTS or V, but I want to buy it because I like the design

7. Min Heejin is amazing, she brings out V’s charms as an artist while maintaining his unique sensibility. It’s better than expected

8. It seems to reflect what the fans want

9. V and Min Heejin match wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. I really like the design!!

11. I never thought that Yeontan would appear. The synergy between V’s sensibility and Min Heejin’s sensibility is as good as expected

12. It’s like a mix between V’s sensibility and Min Heejin’s sensibility, but it’s so pretty

13. I don’t know what Min Heejin’s sensitivity is, but as soon as I saw it, I felt that it was V’s sensitivity

14. Wow, I really want V to work with Min Heejin more.. They match well

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