The company that has almost no live stage on music shows since the end of 2020

From 2020, even the singers who sing live well, their singers almost lip-sync on music shows, people really don’t know what the reason is

+ There were still solo or ballad stages where they sang live (Solo stages of Wendy, Kyuhyun, Suho, Onew, Ryeowook)

1. SM singers are so talented, but I really don’t understand why they don’t perform live on music shows

2. I’m not surprised.. Lee Soo Man once said that lip-syncing is also a genre

3. It’s because they can’t sing live while dancing

4. Aespa members’ vocals are so good, why don’t they sing live?

5. Aespa and Red Velvet both lip sync????

6. It’s ridiculous that SM fans always say that SM artists sing live well, but they always don’t sing live.. SM fans are really shameless ㅠㅠ

7. If you always lip sync, why are you a singer?

8. Lee Soo Man said that lip-syncing is also a genre, right?

9. It was SM’s Lee Soo Man who said that lip-syncing is also a genre and started the lip-syncing era seriously

10. They are just dancers

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