The company that is the worst among HYBE, SM, JYP, and YG according to Korean netizens

HYBE vs SM vs JYP vs YG

Which company is the worst?

1. YG didn’t do anything, HYBE is different for each singer, JYP is the worst at promoting, SM makes you spend too much money. They are all no good

2. YG is the wall

3. YG is the worst

4. HYBE can’t do anything without BTS

5. Of course it’s YG

6. It’s not that YG can’t do it, it’s that they don’t do it…

7. It’s YG, and the way HYBE treats BTS is the worst..

8. SM

9. YG… It is a company that doesn’t do and can’t do at the same time

10. JYP, I’m going crazy because they can’t do everything

11. YG… I feel sorry for the fans seeing that even the rookies don’t have a comeback

12. It’s definitely YG..

13. It’s not that YG can’t work, it’s that they don’t

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