The company tweet that BTS Jungkook mentioned during the live stream that the expiry date is his birthday


The brand had spelled Jungkook wrong in the hashtags amidst the tweet, writing “Jungkok” instead

1. Damn, this is so cute

2. I will buy it right before the price goes up

3. Are they self-reflective? It’s so cute. My mom always asks me to buy it because Kikkoman soy sauce is famous

4. They made a mistake, but thank you for editing it and it’s so cute

5. I bet the manager is not a fan of BTS

6. This is a company that knows how to do marketing

7. They are sincere + funny

8. Everything about Jungkook is cute

9. The manager is cute

10. But that company’s PR department did so well

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jungkook’s clout kinda crazy actually cause I see lots of these companies using his videos playing songs of other artists on his live or pictures of him using products as sponsored ads on tiktok and facebook, instagrams like , it’s just crazy


Just look at CK impact alone. Its insane how wildly popular he is globally.

For V, i am mad to see celine doing nothing for him n not even posting about him being celine ambassador officially. Freaking uselesss. I hope V abandon that brand once contract end n sign another brand after military. Him n jungkook are most popular members. Such a missed opportunity to not hyping up V like CK did for JK.

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 seoul cycles

Yeah celine is trash, they just like using him for clout cause lisa and bogum were not enough. with his popularity, he could have gone with any brand but he adores hedi so much ugh hope he moves on after enlisting

Teenaged puppy


It is what it is

The whole issue was so funny and cute, they’re a Japanese company so it’s understandable they don’t know how to spell Jungkook but they fact that they immediately corrected it was so cute.
I just love how everyone is so smitten with JK and companies naturally so because JK helps them increase sales


If you think about it, any brands would be stupid not to ask him to endorse their products. Downy, Teazen, Nongshim, Samyang, Kikkoman, beer, fried chicken, pizza, etc. I don’t remember the exact brands for the last three lol but the point is this guy can sell any products. Still waiting for his choice for luxury brand though I know he did say he only wanted to represent brands that he actually loves and uses. But I hope he chose at least one coz he can pull off any look


I hope he expires soon too

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