“The coordi must’ve worked hard to save these kids’ proportions” Netizens say that NMIXX really doesn’t dress well

NMIXX really doesn’t dress well

These two pictures are from Weekly Idol, who is the coordi of this group?

What the hell are those pants? Every time I see NMIXX’s casual clothes, I get mad

[+140, -5]

1. [+52, -33] Who zoomed in on Haewon’s face?

2. [+41, -33] The coordi must’ve worked hard to save these kids’ proportions, it’s hard work

3. [+31, -4] Coordi, can’t you change their hairstyles, makeup and outfits? I don’t understand why Kyujin keeps her hair straight, it makes her face look bigger, please wake up

4. [+29, -8] No, even if they only wear white t-shirts and jeans, they still look pretty… The female idols of other big companies are all well dressed, but JYP’s style is really bad, please don’t experiment, please let them dress well

5. [+20, -2] This group has the same coordi as STAYC, but STAYC is pretty…. Hmm

6. [+14, -1] On Weekly Idol, only this group dresses weirdly

7. [+8, -11] Because their proportions are not good. NewJeans and IVE are still pretty even when they wear them

8. [+7, -0] For real, their coordi is really bad

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Female Creampied

7. [+8, -11] Because their proportions are not good. NewJeans and IVE are still pretty even when they wear them

They’re comparing between Goddesses and Humans


So true. Every time I see NMIXugly, I’m shocked at how they totally lack visuals. Probably the ugliest group of all time. Even the so-called visual is severely lacking, like her face is totally crooked, her proportions are horrible and her legs are so bad.

In comparison, NJ and IVE are two of most beautiful groups ever.


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NMIXX - Kim Garam

Where Jinni?


She left the group in December




OOT but nmixx have the weirdest members combination idk like when you see them they just don’t match at all?? They just don’t look like they belong to one group


I agree . They are all talented and have good skill but they don’t seem like group. I don’t know maybe as time pass by this feeling also go away


It’s been 1 year now and they look awkward tho.


You’re so right. It feels like they took the members of the girl group where that trainee Lena and So Mi were supposed to debut and mixed it with the leftover members for Itzy and Twice. IDK. The balance just seems off. They really don’t belong in one group.


The group is literally ugly girl next to ugly girl.


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Most of them have bad coordis ngl please dress them up good including their hair styles. Hair styles these days are so boring just long straight hair.

seungri is free

best girl Kyujin is pretty. Others not interesting 🙂


Yes Kyujin is very pretty

yocoochi smells

jype coordi is a useless turd, they need to be fired like yesterday
if they can’t get this simple task right they have no business dressing anyone



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