The current situation of SM employees who lost their motivation

The current situation of SM employees who lost their motivation…

If you look at SM Blind, SM Multi 3.0 has been announced

Save the budget for planning, and the staff’s salary is also increased, the atmosphere is very exhilarating

Looks like one person ruined everything and a bunch of employees lost their motivation..

1. It’s really bad from an employee’s point of view, why did you do that? Lee Soo Man

2. Just remember that nothing lasts forever

3. It’s like you go to Yonsei University and suddenly Yonsei University becomes a subsidiary of Korea University?

4. But HYBE is better than Kakao

5. Well.. I understand, but HYBE is better than Kakao

6. I wonder how depressed SM staff will be

7. They must be loyal employees

8. Although the salary is low in the entertainment industry, they will work with pride as a company with a long history + the entertainment industry they love. I feel bad for them

9. Anyway, Kakao or HYBE, isn’t HYBE better than Kakao? Isn’t SM half successful because Lee Soo Man left the company?

10. Even the fans feel proud that SM has a long history, so I understand the staff’s thoughts

11. Will your mindset change as your salary increases????

12. But even if Lee Soo Man didn’t sell his shares to HYBE, the directors transferred their shares to Kakao

13. In people’s perception, if SM groups develop well in the future, it will be because of HYBE participating, and it will be thanks to HYBE

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See i told yall it has nothing to do with worries about the future as in the music/artists/their job, they’re just mad because it scratched their pride so I’m not sorry at all 😂😂😂 like sm release shitty music and their artists doesn’t really do that well especially the public now has less and less interest in them. If anything sm quality will only go up if it even change. They would rather not improve the products they produce all bc they hate hybe. Like kakao is the evil one but they’d rather have that plsss i hope these ppl keep on suffering 🤣


Sm has the best quality of music.




Do you have problem with your ears?


If youre deaf

Dairy Queen

SM music sounds like it was composed by unattended toddlers playing with all the noisy toys at Target and an impatient grandpa who changes the channel while watching tv every 30 seconds.


Its just feel that music that uncle/grandpa think certain music is gonna be hit among new gen. They think they are that cool uncle who uo to date to the trend when its actually feel unlistenable.


it used to be good but the only good thing remains is their “yeaaaaaaah~” adlib part, their modern music quality crumbles apart. exception for some velvet-side and taeyeon releases

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Only fool will get use to SM propaganda


Its maybe when 2nd gen era but now nope lol.


Sorry i just snorted so have to be a joke


Lmaoooooo jojes


You cant call that music to begin with


Be ashamed of your music taste.



Their internal culture&value doesn’t seem quite right. These are things lead by current senior management, right? They also seem to lack of updated understanding of their industry, their own company and main competitors. Again, senior management. No wonder their group doesn’t have much respect towards HYBE artist, e.g. BTS= ‘That group’

We don’t even need to look far, eg. US/Japan, just open up Melon or any other Korean music chart. HYBE Labels are doing great with their music. They debuted two girl groups under different labels in the same year. Yet both have their own color and both are quite successful as rookie grps.

It feels like looking at Nokia when iPhone just came out……It is not ‘Pride’. It is superiority complex resutled from ignorance.


they need to blame on Lee family. Not sure why Chris Lee even thought of kicking LSM out from the company behind his back knowing how egoistic and petty he is like those who left SM like JYJ and Jessica are blacklisted by him from the k-industry.

Chris probably thought LSM would not desperately sold his shares to Hybe but he did and that’s because LSM just wanted to get back on his nephew . I don’t think LSM chose Hybe so Kakao would not monopolize the music industry because he indeed wanted to sell his share to Kakao at the first place but they wanted LSM out hence one of the reasons why the deal is not go through or leave hanging.

And now lsm wanted to bring down his nephew with him too I think hence why he went to Hybe and sold parts of his share


This pride over a company that you merely work for is so weird and the inferiority complex they have over hybe??? Like???? Get your head out of your ass


Are you still a student? If you’re working and in an industry where competition is the center you’ll know. Find a job like that specially be in the marketing dept , for you to know. I’m not even a sm stan nor fan of all of their artists but since I experienced that i empathize with the employees. crazy


I work in a corporate and those who have that pride are weirdos who got no other interesting shit going on in their lives but their jobs. People who made their work their entire personality are honestly sad and pathetic lmao


I do not. Its sad you put your entire perspnality on a corporate entity esp the likes of SM who has been the root cause of alot of the toxicity in korean industry


They are peasant minded employees who are corporate slaves and have nothing interesting going in their lives.


Imagine going around saying you work for apple, people would usually go “Wow damn thats a pretty renowned company”. But now imagine if apple becomes a subsidiary of microsoft….


lol that’s just weird? so what if apple becomes a subsidiary of microsoft?

unnecessary pride over the company you work for when there have been massive layoffs. work to live, not live to work people


Yea…I work in tech and those people exist and are still the weirdos for making where they work their whole personality. It’s like a cult.


SM is no apple…..


I mean in this situation these analogies are completely wrong anyway. The only ones on the level of Apple or Microsoft are Kakao, Naver and CJ E&M. This is more like if you went around bragging you work for Bethesda and they got bought by Microsoft.


Wow I never be that loyal to my own company lol

Lazy Banana

Me neither, I will be cackling at this whole mess with my co-workers.


hybe, let’s just give up. they don’t want you and hybe stans don’t want be to in the same house as sm anyways. let’s mind our own business


Fans like you are the reason they don’t like hybe


good. it’s mutual feelings lmao


This is why I am gonna enjoy seeing SM break. People like you suffering is so amazing. It’s tragic that Kakao isn’t acquiring SM. They would have destroyed them more than Hybe. Can’t wait to see the inevitable destruction of SM legacy and the pain of their fans.


they sound like 2nd generation stans lmao


They never mention Kakao thou???

They pretend that Kakao never wanted to buy them.

I wonder if they felt still proud if Kakao bought them.


They prefer kakao to hybe bc of their oen inferirioty complex of being bought by a company that started of with nothing….esp after what sm, their employees, artists and stans have treated bts


Kakao media play begins!


Yes, typical of kakao media play


Hybe should gather all SME employees and tell them “If you don’t want to work with us, you’re free to go, we won’t stop you”

May be Kakao will employ them in Starship or other Entertainment companies owned by Kakao.


These employees are honestly so pathetic bc they’re definitely replacable to these company execs

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Maybe just quit or sth. Let’s this company crumbled itself?

Why my gut feel like this is another mediaplay by kakao? All these anonymous and blind items. Lmao. Classic.


Like kakao will do better to save your pride, stupid ass 🙄


??? Wouldn’t they have been in this same situation under Kakao if LSM didn’t sell to Hybe tho? There was going to be a change in majority shareholder regardless. It’s weird to only complain that things went one way when the other way would also basically have the same result, just under a different name (and a more dubious one at that).

I can understand not being happy with a big company change like this bc it can create an uncertain future for current employees that they can’t do anything abt, but I agree with @jia that ppl should be mad at both sides of the Lee family for that (tho, tbh, I don’t really empathize with the company pride complaints going on here unless these employees were also part of the original members that help founded the company).


I see most of you have not worked and earned money that’s why you are “celebrating” the future lay offs that may happen to employees who work hard to put food on their plates and just feed their families. Imagine if your parents who earn has to go through sudden lay off…and you will see strangers celebrating the move another company played which led to your parents go through having no job.
Imagine this scenario and then celebrate this move once again…


Idols of sm will not suffer that much as much normal employees who don’t even sit on higher positions will. Think about those employees they are not fighting your cheap fanwars. They are fighting for their family and theirs own livelihood which they get from this job. Not everything is related to your stupid fanwars.
Those ppl ceos of hybe and sm are already super rich. Not to mention even idols are. Having a share even 0.5% in a company gives you money more than a normal job will. They will not suffer. No. But normal regular employees will. So before celebrating just ask yourself what are you really celebrating.
I hate both sm and hybe even kakao. But I can see the anxiety these employees must be feeling cause no decisions will ever get disclosed to them until the sudden thunder of lay off. Which is bound to happen. If you have ever worked for a corporation you can understand what those employees must be feeling.


but it’s up to the ceo though, I remember when gfriend left the original staff resign due to the loyalty of gfriend but source ceo didn’t care because they hired new people & they are happy with hybe. they get paid well, they could work everywhere, the food is good, and they have free time like video games, names, the gym, etc.

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Lmao no one is a proud sm employee…imagine comparing fkn sm to yonsei. Hybe is the Seoul University bffr. Hope ppl start quitting and sm is dismantled


Sounds like they need to start laying off some dead weight at sm


RIP NCT WayV Aespa Boa and red velvet


This just proves you should never, ever, ever put your pride into a company. Either they’ll fire you or just do something else awful. Just treat them the way they treat you, disposable, and only there to earn you a paycheck.


It’s crazy how people think HYBE will suddenly improve SME…all corporations are the same in the end. They’re a business. They’ll do things to make themselves richer. They’re not gonna be some morally better company, and it always effects the little people the most. Kakao is shit. HYBE is shit. SME is shit.

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They act like pressed sm stans
All they care is their so called pride, what a jokr

Lazy Banana

You won’t catch me having pride over a company which I know will replace me as soon as I even slip a little bit.


Kinda want Kakao to take over SM instead of Hybe so that they completely destroy SM. Their fans and artists have so much pride. I am enjoying seeing them break.

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