The development of BLACKPINK’s concert in France (4 years ago vs today)

4 years ago (2019)

Venue: Zenith Paris – La Villette
Audience: 6224

(The highest record for a Korean girl group at the time)

Today 2023

Venue: Stade de France
“Encore concert” in France at the stadium

The first girl group in the world & 8th female singer ever

“The largest stadium in France & the 6th largest stadium in Europe” Sold out

This is the first girl group to have a stadium tour on three continents (Asia, Americas and Europe), with 1.8 million spectators in one tour and revenue of $300 million, a K-pop legend in the process of setting a new K-pop record

[+244, -30]

1. [+80, -3] When BLACKPINK just debuted, I thought “These unnies are so pretty and a bit cool~”. But now they’re super cool and like queens, a great girl group. They were cool when they promoted the national prestige in front of 120,000 people at Coachella in the US

2. [+74, -7] BLACKPINK’s homeland isn’t Southeast Asia but France.. There must be a reason why the French President and his wife and the world’s top luxury brands are crazy about BLACKPINK… There must be a reason why K-pop stars put their lives in luxury brands.. BLACKPINK is a role model in applying music well to the fashion industry

3. [+72, -6] Because it was standing seats, it was expected to have 65k – 70k viewers, but tickets are still sold outㅋㅋ BLACKPINK is the best

4. [+57, -1] F*cking awesome

5. [+20, -0] They always bash BLACKPINK that they are only popular in Southeast Asia, but the reality is that BLACKPINK is the most popular in Franceㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Encore et toujours du médiaplay…


lol and look how miss jennie is suddenly performing better than the asia stops


Even antis watch bp content


Flopink solos exist lol. We dont need to find those when Flopink solos are spreading those vid on twitter lol


Miraculously, the air of Paris healed her diarrhea and eternal fatigue.


The mediaplay man….the journalists are mocking them here




Why would op cry abt dozen and flat ass girls?


You’re probably fat asf and no guy ever wanted you so you’re insecure




It wasn’t sold out and the French media mocked their performance. The media play is nasty


It was sold out and that one French journalist was lying and made up fake facts while also sexualizing minors.


BP is more popular than BTS everywhere


In your hollow head maybe… no, BTS is taking up space in there too 🤭

mona lisa kinda lisa

so proud of my girlss


Le groupe Blackpink était de passage en France, samedi soir, pour sa seule date européenne. Un show de deux heures qui a ravi les fans… Mais pas nous !

– Le Parisien


Aww, look at the picture of Mid Pink and Lisa’s boyfriend whose father coincidently owns all the brands that “employed” her.

From Spotify to fashion brand CEOs… these girls ARE hardworking.

pretty savage

fatmys loosing their minds at blackpink getting praised while their fraud boys are getting exposed thanks to jonkuk and daddy scooter’s payola

pretty savage

stanning literal frauds and you wanna speak on the biggest group in the world? my pinks happily doing their highest grossing tour while the twinks you stan are one step away from disbandment thanks to scooter and bongo’s plans for their little payola summer child.. worrying about the wrong things ;(


You mean like Rose for a few spotify streams? Or Lisa for brand deals?

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