The difference between BTS, Seventeen, and NCT’s album sales and their actual sales

Actual sales


Global album sales chart published by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

1. Only half of the shipments were sold, but where did NCT sell millions of copies? It’s ridiculous

2. What’s more shocking is that the awards ceremonies are based on shipments, I thought they were based on actual sales

3. They say NCT ​​sold 10 million copies last year, but it’s not actual sales

4. BTS is a superstar…. Don’t compare them to other groups… They are just living in another world…

5. I’m looking forward to BTS’ comeback….. Please give me a full album..ㅠㅠ

6. After BTS, it’s Seventeen

7. Why are NCT’s shipments and their actual sales so different?

8. Anyway, Seventeen sold better than NCT

9. I don’t know what else, but I believe in Hanteo/Gaon more than IFPI

10. So the awards are based on shipments, right?? What if they shipped a large number of albums and then returned them after the awards ceremony was over?

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