The difference in the number of posts between the girl groups on the ‘Idol Issue’ channel that Kakao bought

‘Idol Issue’ was created in 2014
Kakao bought ‘Idol Issue’ 3 years ago

Red Velvet (2014) 2170 posts
TWICE (2015) 2380 posts
BLACKPINK (2016) 1620 posts
Jang Wonyoung (2018) 2880 posts
Aespa (2020) 969 posts
IVE (2021) 5100 posts
LE SSERAFIM (2022) 491 posts

1. Hul Starship is really different…

2. What the hell is that company?

3. I don’t care about idols, but I was a bit skeptical because there was IVE in MAMA’s illegal votes, but after seeing this, I understand

4. They did a lot of ugly things

5. No, I can’t even trust the Melon chart anymore

6. This is why there are so many posts about Jang Wonyoung every day

7. Aespa debuted in 2020 and had 969 posts, but IVE debuted in 2021 and had 5100 posts.. Are they fans of IVE?

8. That’s why they bought ‘Idol Issue’

9. Kakao bought Starship around 2018, that’s why IVE was pushed

10. No, Jang Wonyoung has more posts than Red Velvet, TWICE, and BLACKPINK

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