The difference in the number of posts between the girl groups on the ‘Idol Issue’ channel that Kakao bought

‘Idol Issue’ was created in 2014
Kakao bought ‘Idol Issue’ 3 years ago

Red Velvet (2014) 2170 posts
TWICE (2015) 2380 posts
BLACKPINK (2016) 1620 posts
Jang Wonyoung (2018) 2880 posts
Aespa (2020) 969 posts
IVE (2021) 5100 posts
LE SSERAFIM (2022) 491 posts

1. Hul Starship is really different…

2. What the hell is that company?

3. I don’t care about idols, but I was a bit skeptical because there was IVE in MAMA’s illegal votes, but after seeing this, I understand

4. They did a lot of ugly things

5. No, I can’t even trust the Melon chart anymore

6. This is why there are so many posts about Jang Wonyoung every day

7. Aespa debuted in 2020 and had 969 posts, but IVE debuted in 2021 and had 5100 posts.. Are they fans of IVE?

8. That’s why they bought ‘Idol Issue’

9. Kakao bought Starship around 2018, that’s why IVE was pushed

10. No, Jang Wonyoung has more posts than Red Velvet, TWICE, and BLACKPINK

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don’t really care that kakao posted tons of ive’s stuffs like I get it , they want to mediaplay and build the popularity around them just like other companies do

but just mad that they also one of those people who did/encouraged all those hate posts about other groups like since this page have huge following and their posts also often went viral , this probably cause people to create more hate posts about those artists in other platforms too 😕


i feel sorry for aespa… they were popular last year but…


Jon Xina

See Wonny has almost entirely media play and positive post….Twice and Blackpink have 0 affiliation with Kakao and almost all of the post on that spot are heavily negative, damaging and defaming to these groups.

Kakao is super disgusting and I hope JYP and YG sue them for damages.


I hope JYP YG SM sues them for the damages they are doing to their ggps image. This is not right. Also to the ppl who thinks that gg don’t know what their company is doing. Like you are a new born or what. Idols know what they are company is doing and if it’s benefits them why would they raise their voices against it.
I was really suspicious when this whole hype about IVE started. Yes their song was good. But it was not good as it was posted or was charting. Like take example of sensational songs from groups like BTS twice bp big bang exo. Their song was no where near what these grps released for their sensational song. And seeing how things goes around in Korea. I wouldn’t be surprised if they manipulated the hype about them so that ppl and gp gets curious of how they are topping the charts and tune into them so no one complaints about their so called “organic success”. Like how it’s going now. If you know how things actually work in this world it’s no brainer to see what this starship is truly doing. And to ppl who are saying their are many company under kakao so why only starship. Maybe cause two members of highly popular disbanded grp was under a company for which they have already done enough for. And using them would never bring any doubts in the eyes of knetz at all. Let’s see how things goes in future.
I would have not minded this media play at all. But they dragged other ggps which is highly immoral thing to do. So yeah call me anything you want. If ive wins any daesang I will always see them as undeserved winners. Also true daesang winners are gidle in each and everyway.


Forgot to mention HYBE too should sue them. As they affecting two of their newly debuted ggps and it has really impacted them both a lot. And hybe seems like a big corporation so it won’t be hard for them to sue that company. And stop making them use their artists in their channels or platforms. Also big 3 should do it too.


Actually I can go on and on about somethings I saw. Like winter getting hate of using her mobile phone, Giselle getting hate cause her aunt is gf of Lee sooman, dahyun getting hate for just existing, yeri getting hate for talking to her male coworkers, aespa getting hate for lipsyncing, Itzy getting hate for their song, lsf getting hate for something they didn’t do, nj getting hate for songs being too “provocative” and them being minors, bp getting hate for not caring enough for fans, Irene getting constant hate for her little mistake over her outburst on her stylist for which she have already apologized, I can go on and on but let’s stop here and look on IVE side now. That one girl who dropped her cake or whatever but left her staff to clean the mess she made and walked off like she don’t know what to do in that situation. Like girl even if you are a minor or not idk but you aren’t a kindergartener or first grader who don’t know what to do in situations like this. Where is the article about that? Where is the hate? Where is the criticism? What? There is none? Or it was just buried like that? Their main dancer is worse than the lead dancers or regular dancers of many grp. Where is the talk about that? Apart from that one girl none of the members of that grp is actually good at singing. Where is the article about that? Miss Wonyoung has done many problematic things and moved on without any apology. Where is the article about that? Also to their fans who are saying that gg is not from privileged company thats why ppl on internet are being mean to them. Okay like bich you ppl only showed the apartment dorm they live in. Compare that to twice rookie days. Didn’t you ppl said your ive girls have seperate bedroom on the apartment which lives like a dream. Does that look like poorness to you. Check out twice debut dorm and see the difference. And Ive got that dorm even before their debut or so called success.
I will stop here. Read it or not IDC. I am just mad at this company who are out there tainting ppl reputation and some ppl are still supporting them for it. Like World is never gonna heal in any way or form.

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