The dumbest controversy about NewJeans’ debut in Japan

The dumbest controversy about NewJeans’ debut in Japan

There are many articles about why NewJeans’ Japanese debut songs are classified as J-pop and not K-pop

In fact, K-pop idols have been active in Japan since the 2nd generation, and all songs released in Japan are classified as J-pop

Even SES, 1st generation idols, had a song released in Japan that was classified as J-pop. Of course, it’s a song released in Japan;;

There is an article saying that BTS’s songs that are released overseas are classified as K-pop

If you look at this, you’ll see it’s classified as J-pop, but suddenly everyone’s pretending not to know and writing as if NewJeans was the first to release songs classified as J-pop

1. Reporters are pathetic, you took HYBE’s money and spent it, right?

2. Is it because of the English and Korean lyrics?

3. They are trying to ruin NewJeans somehow. I hope NewJeans will be more successful

4. Stop it, Sihyuk. Will that company’s idols release Japanese albums in the future?

5. But looking at Hanteo, isn’t it released globally? Why do they have to use J-pop?

6. I feel sorry for NewJeans ㅠㅠ

7. It was their Japanese debut song, but I was surprised that there was a lot of Korean in that song

8. I will support NewJeans unconditionally from now on

9. As soon as I listened to their Japanese debut song, I thought, “No, isn’t this a Korean song??

10. I don’t think it’s a big problem

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