The explanation involves another girl who is said to be dating RIIZE Anton

The explanation involves Anton’s other female friend

There were rumors going around that Anton was tagged in a 259-week-old Instagram post by a female friend who was not the one who explained yesterday, and that female friend is his real girlfriend

The first one is his female friend’s Instagram account and the second one is that of his female friend’s sister

It’s going viral in K-pop and the reactions are so dumb even though they’re just friends

It’s even more absurd when they think it’s all because of the picture of them holding hands

1. I’m really embarrassed. What is this?

2. I don’t care about this explanation anymore

3. No, Anton’s friends are all young. What are you guys doing with them?

4. 259 weeks ago, it was when Anton was in middle school… These are really crazy things

5. According to them, Anton has many girlfriends, are they crazy?

6. Anton, can he freely meet his friends now? Why are you guys doing this? This is the craziest thing ever

7. I feel embarrassed because I think this is the current state of K-pop fandom

8. Isn’t it crazy that they live like that?… I feel so bad for Anton and his friends, crazy ㅠㅠㅠ

9. Stop bothering Anton and his friends, seriously

10. Now stop bothering Anton ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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