The fact that Jennie has a creative freedom and loyalty to sell her own designs and collections with the brands she collaborates with

Jennie has not only achieved great success with her group but has also managed to establish herself as a solo artist. Recently, she founded her own company called ODD ATELIER, which has further expanded her influence in the music industry. Last year, she made a notable appearance in the serie of The Idol. These achievements, along with her successful career as a member of Blackpink and a solo artist, have solidified Jennie’s position as a versatile and prominent figure in the entertainment world. Her long-lasting relationships with various brands and effective collaborations have contributed to her impressive sales power. Jennie’s ability to captivate both the domestic and international audience has led her sales influence to reach an unprecedented level. Let’s take a look at the sales impact of Jennie, who is considered by many to have the most logical and intelligent career management among Blackpink members.

Last year, Jennie made a significant mark in the fashion world by designing for Calvin Klein and opening a pop-up store featuring her creations. Her strong sales power, expertise, and passion for design, along with her role as Calvin Klein’s global ambassador and her meticulous attention to detail, have all contributed to her success.  In summary, Jennie’s ability to create her own designs and her influence in the fashion industry stand out, with her collaboration with Calvin Klein being a prime example of her talent.

Not only did Jennie collaborate with Calvin Klein, but she has also created her collections for various other brands. Some of these include Jentle Home, Jentle Garden, Tamburins, and even Porsche. This diverse portfolio showcases her versatility and adaptability in the fashion and design industry, proving her ability to excel in multiple areas. These collections have experienced rapid sales, reflecting the high demand for Jennie’s designs. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the symbol displayed in her Calvin Klein store was also designed by her, further emphasizing her creative prowess and impact on the fashion industry.

In just three years, Jennie has managed to open four pop-up stores showcasing her designs, demonstrating her rapid success and strong partnerships with various brands. This accomplishment sets her apart from the other Blackpink members, who have not yet achieved the same level of collaboration and exposure in the fashion industry.

1- Gentle Monster (2020)

2- Jentle Home & Jentle Garden (2022)

3- Tamburins (2022)

4- Calvin Klein (2023)

The Calvin Klein pop-up store launch was a massive success, with all products selling out on the very first day. Furthermore, she announced her new duet with the most streamed male artist on Spotify, showcasing her versatility and influence not only in fashion but also in the music industry. Jennie’s accomplishments in both fashion and music are quite remarkable, as she has managed to establish herself as a prominent figure in both domains. Her ability to create successful partnerships with renowned brands like Calvin Klein and collaborate with top artists like The Weeknd showcases her talent and influence in the entertainment world. This multifaceted approach to her career has undoubtedly contributed to her rapid rise to fame and the admiration she receives from fans and the industry alike.

In addition to her professional achievements, Jennie’s charismatic personality and dedication to her fans have played a significant role in her success. She consistently engages with her supporters, making them feel valued and appreciated, which further strengthens her popularity. In conclusion, Jennie’s remarkable journey in the fashion and music industries is a testament to her hard work, talent, and adaptability. Her ability to create lasting partnerships and collaborations has led to her rapid success, and her dedication to her fans ensures that her career will continue to thrive.