The final lineup of 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon

1. I want to go

2. Please let me go… No tickets???

3. I bet it will be fun because I know all those groups

4. Wow, but NCT is the sunbae there… It’s a difference over the years, but it’s amazing

5. The lineup is good

6. Is there any standard to split color bands with names on them? I don’t want them to have any meaning

7. The 4th generation lineup

8. Wow Aespa

9. Wow I really want to go….

10. I’m looking forward to NCT Dream

11. I want to see TXT’s performance on Christmas Eve…

12. I’m looking forward to it

13. Wow, it must be fun because they’re all known idols

14. My TXT!!!!!!

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