The final lineups for MAMA and Melon Music Awards are held this week

MAMA (11/28-11/29, Tokyo Dome, broadcast by Mnet/Tving)

Melon Music Awards (12/2, Inspire Arena, broadcast by Melon/Wave)

1. All the singers I’m interested in are on MMA. I have to watch MMA

2. MMA’s lineup is stronger

3. Looking at this, I don’t understand why people say that the MAMA lineup is not good… Because there aren’t many candidates for Daesang

4. There are no male idols on MMA and no female idols on MAMA

5. I think it would be perfect if LE SSERAFIM attended MMA

6. MMA wins with IVE and NewJeans

7. I think MMA’s lineup is better

8. MAMA is like KCON

9. Should I go to Tokyo Dome to see Bo Gum?

10. I think MMA will be more interesting

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