The first idol to get 0 points for digital music and 0 points for album and got #1 on Music Bank


The song has the highest charting on Melon daily chart at 915, getting #1 on Music Bank, beating the song that’s been #1 on Melon weekly chart for almost a month

1. What…? What happened?

2. It’s so funny

3. Why????

4. Seriously, does this make any sense..? 0 points for digital music and 0 points for album, but 1st place… Does this make sense?ㅋㅋ

5. The ranking system should be abolished

6. I think I’ve seen 0 points for digital music (which is also funny), but this is my first time seeing 0 points for album…. I’m confused

7. Who are they??

8. Is this not a joke?

9. I really don’t think this is good for them… Why…?

10. Did they try to make their name known like this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don’t understand

11. ?? What is their song? … Is this possible?

12. If they get 1st place like this, they will only be ridiculed

13. This is ridiculous

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mubank caring less and less in pretending they’re legit.. 😅

spicy spice

lol. they are a total nugu. i mean the only thing that got them a win just from broadcasting point. they should get ready for the attack from left and right.


music bank wins honestly been very questionable ever since they introduced stuffs like broadcast points in their ranking hence why I don’t really believe that companies paid them for a win to be rigged and more like the Music Bank people in charge of these wins are biased to idol artists, probably because they bring a lot of views to them , like we probably can count by hand how many times a non-idol singer wins against idols on their show like the only time they are only ‘fair’ when it’s idols vs idols.

Same goes with Mama tbh, not like Jyp bought those awards for their artists but the people behind are biased to big3 more because they are quite old and famous entertainment companies in Kpop


JYP bought awards? SO where is Twice and Itzy’s awards? They are being robbed every year and every one fvkcing know that. Twice was in top 10 in WWFC but MAMA shit gave to PSY who was in 20th position. JYP bought awards my ass


Do you read what I said properly ? I said Jyp didn’t buy those awards for their artists like all these people keep saying because a lot of people said Jyp bought those awards these past few days especially on Pannchoa but I don’t agree with the statement but more like people at Mama are more biased to big3 idols hence it’s not Jyp’s fault or there are like some bribing going behind the scenes 😑


LBR. NMIXX didn’t deserve any award for anything this year. Not in comparison to NWJNS or even LSF. They underperformed the most out of all the rookie girl groups this year.


i hate this. le sserafim actually top the charts and sell over 1 million albums but are called rigged when these girls don’t have charts or sales wtf


No cuz it really doesn’t make sense. Like okay. Even if you didn’t want to give it to Younha cuz she’s not promoting, Tempest and OMG’s YooA would have made more sense than them.

This is blatantly rigged. Younha should have won, or at the very least, Tempest and YooA should have been in the running first before this girl group.

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