The first impression of the drama ‘The Idol’ starring The Weeknd,Lily Rose Depp and Jennie

Episodes 1 and 2 were screened at Cannes Film Festival today

“Revenge p*rn photos of bodily fluids on Lily Rose Depp’s face, ma$turbation with ice cubes, nightclub-owning scam artists and vile Hollywood sycophants populated the first two episodes of Sam Levinson’s ‘The Idol.'”

1. What genre of drama is this?

2. How did she appear in a drama like this…?

3. Is Jennie BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

4. That’s right?????????????????

5. This is disgusting

6. It’s disgusting even just reading the text

7. Is it a p*rn movie?

8. I’m so grateful that Jennie was a cameo

9. It’s disgusting, the content is dirty

10. Jennie? Why???

11. The content is disgusting

12. Why did Jennie appear in that drama?

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spicy spice

funny cuz blinks tend to slutshaming other idols both male and female idols yet this is how her debut as an actress lmao.

spicy spice

your existence nor even your username alone expains my whole comment. lol.

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

It’s a funny meme. I’m armys

Jenfad likes being passed around by industry is the only facts lmao

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Wow that’s just rude. And she’s not even my bais




The plot seems to be damn true.
Entertainment industry is the worst along with politic, Religious institute and mafia world. They all operats together.
Here in bollywood, people say top stars have sex rackets and human trafficking rackets
I’ve asked some people who work in the industry and they said that even the most unimaginable things happen.
Korea and Hollywood is no different
Infact Hollywood stars along with other influential politician’s, atheists and business men have secret sex party’s. And the workers where such party’s were conducted said that they have such type of sex which is unthinkable of. So ruthless. Sperms all over the place, dirty rooms, etc.


You are 100% right. It’s a dirty, shameless and horrible industry. I originally liked KPOP because it was more wholesome than western entertainment but now it’s the exact same.

It’s clear that these people are satanic and beyond evil.

spicy spice



She look tryhard to be in hollywood. This series make her look cheap. Ironically, they dressed up her like a kid, teen at the cannes festival when she actually almost 30. She should just lower her ego n try kdrama instead. Kdrama nowadays even easily got viral.


Hello Mimi :))


Nah i am not mimi at all. Even i blocked her at pannchoa.


I know your pigmin solo stan 🙂 jimin ugly. Now stop making so many accounts

I speak facts

Just knowing Sam is the one writing this show is enough for me to not watch and The Weeknd is ugly asl Of course Jenny would do anything to gain attention by participating in this garbage


I know your slayhyung with another account :))))
Toto and jenfad still dating. He brings bad name to bts

Slayhyung is kiki

ok now you are using my name you r so pathetic slayhyung :))))))))))))))))


The fact that jennie herself said she is fan of sam levinson. Thank god someone turned down for her the sex scenes. Probably YG or maybe her bf asked her to avoid doing that. Being POC, its very cheap for her to do this project. Most actors who aim for acting acclaim, usually doing audition for their role just like the girl in everything everywhere all at once.


soon she will debut in japan as you guys know


Hello Mimi 🙂


How many accounts you have? :))))


We can’t wait her debut in pornhub


Gross gross gross

Ladyboy Lisa

She just replicating her lifestyle 😅


that levinson freak literally made a whole show that GLORIFIES rape & revenge porn and you’re out here trying to make this seem like some battlefield for a fanwar because people are RIGHTFULLY mad about it?? have some goddamn decorum and be serious for once


Kiki is Slayhyung she pretends she is not toto solo stan


Are you mentally unstable? I’m just concerned 😟 you’ve been talking horrible things about the boys with 100s of accounts. Go seek a job. I heard McDonald’s are hiring. You might be too old and fat but we hope you get a life 😊


No u are mentally unstable like all armys :))) I only have one account. And you are all toto or pigmin stan


jennie must hav an interesting life ful of +18 drama considering Yg past incidents about buying gifts for minor girls and treating them like sluts Jennie`s real job might be something other than singing wait for when pisspink flops and fades away she is gonna write an authobiography to expose yg..:)))))))


Seriously she’s the most problematic one in her group


So basically it’s porn


And what’s worse is Jennie herself said she loved the script and the script literally glorifies rape. That girl is deprave.

Fvck 'em

Exactly, so disgusting from her, can’t even be defended


She’s almost 30. And it’s called acting she just did cameo


Do you know what a cameo do? They appear for a few seconds to minutes and don’t promote with the main cast. Jennie is part of the main cast which is why she went to promote the show with the others. Cameos don’t do that nor do they get promoted with the show.

You guys are just excusing her from her involvement. She literally read the script and said she’s excited to be part of it and how she’s a fan of the director know what a nasty weirdo he is.

Last edited 6 months ago by Alex

She read only her part of the script. That’s how it works 💀


Just bc shes reading her part of the script doesn’t mean she don’t know what the show is about. As part of the cast, they’re given full scripts so they can rehearse the lines with each other. The director also gives them context so they can show certain emotions.

Yall acting like she’s so clueless and only knows her part is just full of excuses. She read it & liked it that’s why she said all that stuff.


Directed by a Hollywood Jew?!

I can’t believe it!😮


This is disturbing. Why did she even sign to cameo on these type of shit show in first place?



Last edited 6 months ago by kiki

To me Kim Taehyung is the best member of BTS visually and musical wise. Those other 6 fads never came close to his talents and visuals. Why would he choose Jennie out of millions of girls out there is kinda hurtful.

Last edited 6 months ago by kiki
Teenaged puppy

Jennie is trashy and the fact that her fans are mostly young y/ns that blindly worship her every move and this is the content she gives them in both her personal life and professional is disgusting. I don’t know why knetz are acting so shocked tho, she’s been showing them she’s a slut since before debut

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