The first impression of the drama ‘The Idol’ starring The Weeknd,Lily Rose Depp and Jennie

Episodes 1 and 2 were screened at Cannes Film Festival today

“Revenge p*rn photos of bodily fluids on Lily Rose Depp’s face, ma$turbation with ice cubes, nightclub-owning scam artists and vile Hollywood sycophants populated the first two episodes of Sam Levinson’s ‘The Idol.'”

1. What genre of drama is this?

2. How did she appear in a drama like this…?

3. Is Jennie BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

4. That’s right?????????????????

5. This is disgusting

6. It’s disgusting even just reading the text

7. Is it a p*rn movie?

8. I’m so grateful that Jennie was a cameo

9. It’s disgusting, the content is dirty

10. Jennie? Why???

11. The content is disgusting

12. Why did Jennie appear in that drama?

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