The first lineup of Weverse Con Festival 2023 revealed

Hwang Minhyun
Lee Hyun

1. XIA? Kim Junsu?

2. Is he Xia Junsu?

3. It’s not HYBE concert, it’s Weverse concert

4. Wow Hwang Minhyun will be attending!!!!

5. As expected, there are also idols that are not affiliated with HYBE

6. Kim Junsu??

7. Minhyun is attending because it’s Weverse Con so there are people who are not from HYBE

8. Oh, there aren’t even any Korean letters on the poster

9. Is Xia Junsu on Weverse?

10. There have been several posts on the internet asking if HYBE will take over SM and that restrictions on Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong’s public television appearances will be lifted

11. Wow, Xia Junsu and Hwang Minhyun!!!

12. Hul, Xia Junsu’s stage?

13. Wow I really want to go

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It is what it is

Ohh Kim Junsu, I’m so happy 😭😭
And as comment 10 says, I hope the restrictions of Junsu and Jaejoong to appear on tv are lifted even if it’s 13 yrs too late 😔


hybe will do it tbh i mean they even said they are dissolving lee soman side business.. they are going to fix sm finances… i also want jessica to promote freely in kr too


Lineup so random tho


Why are they surprised that Hwang Minhyun is in the lineup? Isn’t he still with Pledis which is under HYBE

Lazy Banana

I hope at least one BTS member attends…


No Suga since he will be in Bangkok in those days…


theres still jhope Jimin and joon.


maybe jhope or jimin


How many million dollars hybe need to make twice perform here. Tell us we will arrange it. Since jype is giving nuts to twice in the name of promotion, we have to do anything to make twice do more promotions. It hurts us to see twice juniors going into international festivals while their only promotions is through their own concerts…


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