The girl group with an average age of 35 but none of them got married

The girl group with an average age of 35 but none of them got married

Due to their long-term activities, the SNSD members have now entered their mid-30s. Including the leader Taeyeon, Sunny, and Tiffany, who were born in 1989, turn 35 in Korean age this year. Sooyoung, born in February 1990, and YoonA, born in May 1990, turn 34. The youngest, Seohyun, also turns 33 in a few months.

The fans expressed their wishes, saying, ‘I hope they remain as my forever idol,’ and continue to send infinite support for their future endeavors. However, some people are reacting by saying, ‘Just looking at this alone proves Korea’s low birthrate’.

1. Why are they talking about low birthrate here?

2. They don’t need to get married just because they’re at the age to get married

3. I saw the news talking about the low birthrate because SNSD doesn’t get married.. This is ridiculous

4. Independent women seem to be less likely to get married

5. Of course, if women are capable and rich, they certainly will not want to get married

6. If it’s time to get married, they’ll get married

7. Do you think the fulfillment of life is getting married and having children?

8. Why is this conversation shifted to the low birthrate?

9. Wow, Soshi’s average age is 35.. I thought it was a lie, but I’m almost 20 years old and I listened to Soshi’s music when I was in elementary school

10. They’re not that old

11. The average age is 35??? I feel like I’m older than all of them

12. Wow, this is ridiculous

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