The hottest singers in 2023

The hottest singers in 2023…

Female idols


Male idols


Female idol member

IVE Jang Wonyoung

Male idol member

BTS Jungkook

1. I agree

2. I just feel like this is the year of girl groups NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, Aespa, and (G)I-DLE

3. For me it’s Karina

4. I don’t know much about male idols, I only think of Jungkook

5. SEVENTEEN, I don’t know.. If I had to choose, it would be RIIZE

6. Isn’t it Jisoo???

7. Jungkook’s picture is so cute

8. Jang Wonyoung hasn’t released any songs as an individual, it’s Jisoo or Somi, right???

9. That’s right, they’re all hot

10. I can’t deny it

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