The image that many people think of when they think of ‘Innisfree’

Green tea, Jeju Island and Yoona

This pictorial is Innisfree

1. That’s exactly what I thought, Innisfree = Yoona

2. I still think of Yoona

3. Yoona is human Innisfree ♡

4. The first time I knew about Innisfree was after seeing Yoona’s ad

5. Because those photos are so famous

6. For real, the only person I think of is Yoona

7. Jeju Island and Yoona come to mind first

8. I only think of green tea fields and Yoona

9. Me too, Jeju Island and Yoona

10. When I think of Innisfree, I think of Yoona

11. When I think of Innisfree, I only think of Yoona and Jeju Island

12. The first photo is exactly what I think of Innisfree

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