“The juniors only greet me with their eyes” Oh My Girl Seunghee says that idol greeting culture is disappearing

Oh My Girl Seunghee “The juniors only greet me with their eyes… It’s a pity that the greeting culture is disappearing”

On MBC’s entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ on the 3rd, Seunghee said, “In the past there was the culture of going to waiting rooms and greeting. But today, that is no longer the case. Even if we meet in In the hallway, we just greet each other”, referring to the way juniors greet these days

1. Personally, I hate greetings in waiting rooms, but greetings with eyes are not good, right..?

2. Since Corona, human resources culture has completely disappeared..

3. The culture of going to the waiting room and greeting needs to end

4. Isn’t greeting a basic courtesy? Greeting each other with eye contact is not polite

5. Greetings are basic etiquette, but I think the culture of going to each waiting room and greeting each person should disappear, and we should at least bow when we meet each other in the hallway or at the radio station

6. Greetings are basic in social life

7. It seems like it’s because kids today have poor social skills. I see many kids not greeting even in the store

8. It’s true that greetings in waiting rooms should disappear, but greetings with eyes are disrespectful

9. If you meet someone, you should greet them

10. Is this the society where we now have to teach people how to greet each other properly?

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