The Korea Entertainment Producers Association “SM’s current management, kneel and apologize to Lee Soo Man”

1. What happened?

2. Damn, those who sided with Lee Soo Man are evil

3. Seeing The Korea Entertainment Producers Association siding with Lee Soo Man, I have more confidence in the choice of SM’s current management

4. Did Lee Soo Man give them money? Why?

5. If Lee Soo Man falls, will the Republic of Korea fall? They are crazy

6. How much money did they receive from Lee Soo Man?

7. Is Lee Soo Man a king?

8. I don’t like SM’s current management, but when I see them like this, I wonder why… What’s going on with the association?

9. How much money did Lee Soo Man give them?

10. Damn;

11. ????????????

12. ???? Who are they? Are they crazy?

13. Why do they support Lee Soo Man? I’m really curious

14. Are they stupid? I bet Lee Soo Man gave them money

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kakao taking SM soon


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Tired of this issue istg

No because seriously why are they airing their dirty laundry in public. I don’t fucking like tax-evader-and-wanted-by-Interpol Lee Soo Man but damn, call a meeting and stop involving the fans in this fight. People are getting antsy and anxious about what’s gonna happen to their favorite idols but these corporate idiots are so immature and act like whiny teenagers on social media about being bought by another company instead of being adults and talking about it in a closed-door meeting. Just tell the public what was decided in that meeting and be done with it jfc.


But that would be the professional and ethical way to handle this if they did what you said and not the reality tv drama they are so clearly aiming for.


They wanted to play the public sentiments to influence minority shareholders probably to not sell their shares to Hybe


lee sooman got national association as his shooters 😭


Lee soo man is still bad person, but its very childish for SM being using SM accounts to gain sympathy by artists fans. Should just handle it during board meeting something or behind close door. For hybe, they should keep quiet to avoid making everything even more dramatic n worst.

However, if SM keep on trying to pick on hybe, i wont be surprise that hybe get petty n fire all those ceos,directors if they finally acquire SM.

Now, the question is would the video still remain on the SM youtube account if hybe finally acquire SM lol?


hybe got more support from the gp thanks to those yt videos because they are seeing how unprofessional they are acting


Even korean sm stans are not happy with SM ent youtuber era


I know LSM has not some not so legal things regarding SM and his manegment and most people hate him but watching the company that built the kpop industry as we know it be so desperate that they are trying to influence the public’s opinion by uploading half-thruth statments to their channels is so weird. If i were part of HYBE i will sell the shares, that company is way to messy atp


But theyre right, why tf these sm execs airing their dirty laundry and act as if they arent accomplices to those shits


How did SM end up like this

White cat

It’s started from LSM and the other board of directors greediness. Letting that grandpa continuesly embezzled the company money.


because they still live in 2005 lol


they have a point in a way, sm ent is acting so unprofessional & making up lies for their pink blood fandom to eat it up. they are scared that if hybe takes over they will expose all the illegal stuff that the company excuse in order to earn more money for themselves. all of them are getting exposed


Supporting LSM is crazy, supporting people who’ve known everything he did and let him get away with it all this time is crazy too 😭😭


I bet Korea Singers Association is going to show their support to lsm too
Its weird how this associations are siding with LSM, they dont support Hybe their supporting LSM
What lsm did for them to kneel for him?
I agree abt SM ent childish behavior is embarrasing for the industry but why are they siding with lsm??

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Knetizens are really this stupid? Obviously it’s not because of LSM, from an economical point of view it’s really worrisome how they keep on showing their dirty affairs when it should be an internal issue. They’re so unprofessional wtff


This organization is so embarrassing. Even if you were to ignore this whole HYBE vs. Kakao vs. SM shareholders mess, Lee Soo Man is a literal fraud criminal who should have been arrested for his tax evasion and embezzlement years ago. They need just to sit down and shut up.


The Korea Entertainment Producers Association is right, SM should solve their problem internally. SM just wants a pity from public, creating drama, and talking bad about Hybe, plus they want a noise marketing for their upcoming comeback plans. Always playing dirty 😑


When they start saying again, “Ladies and Gentlemen” at online work, then I will return, but not until then! Florida is a common sense conservative state where most jd-60 people have brains!

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Confucianism is a double edged sword.


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White cat

Lsm and his nephew with all of the board directors working hard in ruining the company 🤣

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