The latest title songs of girl groups that are relatively inferior to the previous title songs

Oh My Girl – Real Love

Aespa – Girls


TWICE – Talk that Talk

Red Velvet – Birthday

ITZY – Cheshire

1. Oh My Girl’s song was so disappointing.. I had high expectations..

2. Honestly, the songs are all good, but I think you feel that way because the other groups did better

3. Personally, I don’t like Birthday the most

4. Talk that Talk is the best among TWICE’s recent songsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. There are songs that I don’t know

6. I really don’t like Birthday and Cheshire

7. Talk that Talk is a good song

8. I didn’t even know Aespa and ITZY released their new songs

9. Isn’t Talk that Talk better than the previous songs?

10. I think Talk that Talk is the best among TWICE’s songs

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Y’all need to open your eyes. TTT is the best song of twice


dance the night away is still their best title track for me


For me it’s Fancy


For me it’s I can’t stop me


especially when i heard the dolby atmos stems version oh my god i cant stop hearing all the adlibs


OMG by Newjeans too. Hype Boy is far more superior…


But OMG is still good and doing very good on charts.


It’s just the hype wasn’t over so it doesn’t sounds good as you think it is, i don’t think it’s the same case as the list above since all of them are so forgetable and i was disappointed too


I don’t think all of them are forgetabble just underwhelming bc you could say the same for newjeans songs, OMG was very repetitive to me and not standout from their disco


Isn’t it Savage before Girls ? Idk personally I prefer Girls more than Savage. TTT is kinda fine tho, for StayC honestly I feel the song is okay but releasing it after RUN2U kinda kill it and it also sounds like not title-track worthy. And Cheshire is not even that bad, I prefer it than Sneakers tbh but oh well Knetz love them some sneakers ☝🏻

Kinda agree on RV and OMG


But I prefer cheshire much more than sneakers


Korea was putting their sneakers tf on though, I guess they love kidz bop itzy.


People should really open their eyes TTT deserved all achievements. It’s a loss that most ppl decided to give it a listen when the non existent promotions were all over.
I mean where did the girls even promote it? Jype didn’t even looked like they cared enough for them to promote their album to majority of ppl. They didn’t post their cb details on ig. Stopped shipping out albums. It was like they themselves were sabotaging twice cb. Maybe to prove the point that they don’t need the help of twice to sustain in entertainment market but the reality is they still need them.


Talk that Talk deserved better☹️


Twice actually had a really good comeback and there b-sides just get better and better each comeback plus the members are writing more lyrics


#2 hit it right on the nose, theyre no longer shiny and new and people like songs based on results, and I don’t think some of these songs are that great. I don’t like any of these songs, but girl groups are not given time to grow and are called failures if they chart in the top 50

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