The lineup of singers that will perform at the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar

BTS Jungkook and the lineup of singers that will perform at the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar

It was revealed in foreign media

1. I fainted when I saw Jungkook

2. Jungkook is just a superstar

3. Wow crazy

4. Our maknae is amazing…

5. The lineup is amazing

6. Our Jungkook is so popular, he’s doing so well

7. I thought it was BTS, but only Jungkook

8. Daebak daebak daebak

9. I know all the singers there

10. I’m not a fan of Jungkook, but I’m so proud of Jungkook

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And this year’s world cup will be the biggest one ever I’m so so proud of jungkook. It’s a big deal for singers and jungkook did this before his official solo album which it makes him more powerful 🔥


im disappointed. wish it was the group instead


lol no. i’m glad my bias is staying far away from this mess


4 greedy acts


Jungkook being the most privilege bts member strikes again. HYBE really loves to push their privilege members in the group and then promote the treat all 7 equally image when not even the company gives every member the same opportunity.

It was the same issue with bts multiple collabs and end year stages. Jungkook was always put in the front, got special stages and sang all of the lines while some members got nothing. After bts hiatus they truly only want to invest in jungkook as a soloist cuz he is the perfect puppet for HYBE who listens to everything they say. Miss me with that OT7 bullshit.


It’s not favoritism. It’s just jungkook is the only one who can sing in BTS


Woah, I hope we see some backstage interactions with this line up. And Jungkook and Shakira dancing together too.


???? Why is Dua Lipa’s name in it?? Stop lying.

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