The members who are all-rounders in the 4th generation girl groups

IVE An Yujin

Aespa Winter


NewJeans Hanni

1. I love Winter, she sings so well ㅠㅠㅠ

2. I agree

3. An Yujin is good at singing and entertaining so I think she will also be good at acting

4. They are all stage masters

5. Winter seems to be good at acting too… I’m looking forward to that in the future

6. If you watch the encore stage, Hanni’s voice is also so stable

7. Hanni sings so well, her voice is so good and she’s also so good on stage

8. Hanni has a pretty face and sings and dances so wel

9. They are all pretty and kind. Lately I’ve been watching Chaewon’s fancams a lot

10. I really like Kim Chaewon

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