The members who are getting a lot of talks among the trainees of Teddy’s girl group

The members on the far left are Ella Gross and Bailey Sok? Shinsegae’s granddaughter, Moon Seo Yoon

The one on the far right on the top row is Ella Gross and the one in the middle in the bottom row is Moon Seo Yoon

Ella Gross’ recent photos

Shinsegae’s granddaughter, Moon Seo Yoon

Bailey Sok

Ella Gross was born in 2008, Moon Seo Yoon was born in 2002, Bailey Sok was born in 2004

1. Wow, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m jealous of Shinsegae’s granddaughter’s life

2. Is this your first time seeing an idol from a chaebol family?ㄷㄷ

3. Bailey Sok is already famous as a choreographer….. She’s even debuting as an idol

4. These girls really look like BLACKPINK’s juniors

5. Shinsegae’s granddaughter?????????

6. It’s surprising that Shinsegae’s granddaughter wants to become an idol

7. Isn’t Bailey Sok a famous choreographer??

8. Bailey Sok??? I know she dances so well

9. Looks like there are no Koreans at all. How many Koreans are there?

10. Shinsegae’s granddaughter??? I’m most curious about this

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