The Ministry of Defense said they will not conduct a poll on BTS’s military service

Ministry of Defense “We will not poll on BTS’s military service”

The Ministry of Defense announced that they will not be conducting a poll on BTS’s military service

1. No, I don’t understand why they keep talking about BTS’s military service

2. Seriously, why is the government making such a fuss?

3. If they really want to enlist, they should officially announce that they will be enlisting at this point

4. I think BTS is really pitiful, they are the most successful singers in Korea, but they are only used for politics and people are going crazy with envy

5. BTS is so pitiful;;

6. Damn, leave them alone

7. HYBE is the culprit. I think they whine to the politicians

8. BTS wants to enlist but HYBE and politicians seem to stop them

9. I’m an ARMY, but I wish BTS would enlist together. More than anything else, I wish they weren’t taken advantage of by politicians

10. I really feel sorry for BTS, leave BTS alone..

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