The most legendary and unbelievable fansite pictures

Top 4 most unbelievable fansite pictures

1. Louis Vuitton Sehun

2. Miu Miu Irene

3. GQ WinWin

4. Ferragamo Jeno

Jeno’s most recent pictures from his fansite

1. Irene’s picture is seriously legendary

2. Are you a fan of SM? Why are the idols here all from SM?

3. Originally these were pictures that went viral, but Lia’s picture has disappeared.. Lia’s picture is f*cking pretty

4. The pictures of Irene and Jeno look like they were taken by a photographerㅋㅋ

5. I’m so jealous of them, they’re rich and passionate, Irene is so pretty

6. I thought the photographer took Irene’s picture

7. Didn’t they buy those pictures from reporters? There are a lot of foreign reporters selling data at overseas fashion shows

8. Jeno is seriously handsome.. He’s so classy

9. Maybe they are professional photographers?

10. Jeno is so photogenic

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Handsome Hyunjin

Txt uncles can’t relate 😂😂

Truth speaker

Most of these “photographers” are hired by the company to take good photos and edit them too. Lot of celebrities do this. Look at the clean edit with 0 pores or any such “flaws”
It’s very common in Hollywood and I’m sure Koreans do that too



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jennie the seoul cycle

none of them are as perfect as my fave jennie


please choose proper picts before mentioning ur fav, she looks so ugly


ugliest person i’ve ever seen 🤢

jennie the seoul cycle

i swear i will never understand how sehun that corpse looking man even got himself the “visual of visuals” title 💀 he has to be the ugliest excuse of a man i’ve ever seen


U probably stan twinks 7



As such as I hate them with a passion, their are some beautiful fansite pictures where they’ve captured a certain moment beautifully – even retouching it to add an unworldly quality e.g. that Won Young pic for example + seen some brilliant shots of Jimin doing aerial jumps.

This…These pics…come on

Big Bulky Camera (BBC)

As a photographer, the prettiest was Kim Garam even her kind personality shine through the lens.


yes i hope ur kids will be bullied with someone as pretty as garam


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one uglier than the other…


Irene’s picture is stunning 👀


I guess SM got Hybe funding for the bullshit media play…


Who are these nugudols

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