The most popular idols among middle and high school students these days

Who is the most popular idol among middle and high school students these days?

1. NewJeans

2. For female idols it’s IVE


4. IVE and NewJeans are the groups that are popular at my schoolㅋㅋㅋ

5. When I was in middle school, IVE was so popular

6. TXT, IVE!!

7. If it’s high school, it’s Seventeen and NCT 127. If it’s middle school, it’s NCT Dream and TXT

8. Because of my job, I interact with a lot of elementary and middle school students, but middle school students talk about NewJeans and TXT, and elementary students talk about IVE and LE SSERAFIM.. But middle school and high school students like anime, they talk more about anime and games than idols

9. NewJeans

10. Elementary students like IVE, middle and high school students like NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM, Aespa. The male idols are Seventeen and NCT

11. They only talk about 4th generation female idols

12. The most popular male idols are The Boyz, Stray Kids, NCT, Seventeen

13. The female idols are IVE, NewJeans, Aespa, LE SSERAFIM and the male idols are Seventeen, NCT, The Boyz, and TXT!

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So is it that bangtan are not famous among teens or not


Bts fan demographic leans towards 18+ they have alot of fans 20s and 30s


Bts have been on hiatus and the last album are mostly compilation of their title songs so it’s like bts are not that active these past few years i guess? They were famous among teens when they were active but like teens will find another group to stan when their favs are on hiatus. Teens don’t really stay loyal and just follow the trend so it makes sense if they stan other groups


bts are still active airhead 😑 you are talking as if if they disbanded!
& bts still the biggest band in the world so it doesn’t matter if these fake army left lol


other fandoms dragged army for years saying that they are kids immature and bunch of teens 😂 but now they are twisting their words lmao


not really army are super loyal unlike other fandoms and bts are HUGE among every age category including teens and adults


another group to stan ?
who??? 😂 fans come and go for every idol but sure it’s a problem when this thing is related to bts Lol

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they are famous among teens but teens nowadays mostly won’t stan them cause they will gravitate more towards 4th gen groups that are mostly closer to their age range, plus they give you a lot of new and fresh contents .


age & content have nothing to do with this I know a lot of teens who LOVE bts and many groups have fans from different ages including bts so don’t worry about them


and that’s why 4th gen groups fame don’t last long 😂


Bts have a huge presence among teens stfup .
won’t stan them ? my ass


they’re definitely famous among everyone lol but their dedicated fanbase is probably older. the 12-15 year olds of 2013-2016 are in their 20s now. i think generations are a big part of stanning kpop too. bts have been around for over a decade now and started going to the military which i think is usually a signifier that a group is “older” plus they’re on hiatus so i’m sure younger kids would be quick to move on to other groups.


You must be dumb if you thought that these comments represent the reality lol I saw a study done last year in korea and bts were the n1 group among teens with a HUGE gap
and bts are not ona hiatus their solo projects still there 😑 and it’s not like they will be absent for 30 years!!!!
they will cb in 2025


move on where? 😂 if this was the case then how come bts still the n1 group on every category and nobody touched their records or impacts lol? I went to the cinema to watch bts’s ytc movie and I saw a lot of teens kids and adults there. You have been saying this for years now yet it turned out to be all lies 😘


They are famous among every age category chill


You must be dumb if you thought that these comments represent the reality lol I saw a study done last year in korea and bts were the n1 group among teens


BTS without their international awards is nothing in Korea. And they only famous to 20+ ahjumma and Jin is an ahjussi for elementary school and middle school students

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please get a life! jin is only 30 y.o.
& bts are the n1 group in sales, streams and awards in korea which is a thing your faves can’t relate to 😚


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Chart toppers. As they should.


You must be dumb if you thought that these comments represent the reality lol I saw a study done last year in korea and bts were the n1 group among teens


Nobody is ready to accept this 😂 kpoppies love to believe that bts’s hiatus will help their faves but sadly it didn’t lmaooo

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And that study represent the reality? weird


yes it does 😍💅


NewJeans ended bp

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