The new Waterbomb Goddess is going viral with divided reactions in Korean communities

Cignature’s Jeewon who performed her solo performance at Waterbomb today

1. Her smile is so pretty. I hope that she succeeds and only does things she wants to

2. It seems like she is trying to follow the same path as Kwon Eunbi

3. She’s cute and fresh, and I’m really jealous of her body

4. You can see her underwear or her bikini bottom… She must be suffering

5. The aesthetics of the clothes were disappointing. The company seems so excited to have attracted everyone’s attention

6. I hope she succeeds. I also hope that her company is good at lawsuits, because recently the sexual harassment on male-dominant sites and YouTube on her videos have been really serious

7. Her body is so pretty and her smile is so cute

8. She’s pretty but her clothes are so revealing, I’m worried she’ll be s*xually harassed

9. Wow her body is amazing

10. Her body is crazy but her face is so cute

11. Her smile is so refreshing. She’s pretty. The outfit is a little over-the-top, but it’s a relief she’s doing it because she enjoys it. I hope she continues to shoot upwards

12. It’s a 19+ show, so what’s the problem? There have been many singers appearing in bikinis

13. I hope this member does well but I hate that the people who planned this stage were men

14. She looks like Chuu when she smiles

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