The New York Times of the US “Moonbin’s death shows the problem with the K-pop market”

The New York Times of the US “Moonbin’s death… shows the problem with the K-pop market”

“Moonbin’s death shows that something is wrong with the K-pop market”

According to foreign media outlets such as the New York Times on the 20th (KST), “K-pop fans are deeply saddened by the death of Moonbin, who introduced the K-pop genre to them.”

“In 2017, Jonghyun of ‘SHINee’, Minwoo of ‘100%’ in 2018, Sulli of ‘f(x)’ in 2019 and Goo Hara of ‘Kara’ had tragic deaths.” he said. “The news of the male singer’s death reverberated throughout the K-pop world. His death shows that there is something wrong with the K-pop market,” this person criticized

1. Don’t all the celebrities in that country die from drugs or drug overdoses? So isn’t there something wrong with the pop market?

2. How many American celebrities die from drugs and g*ns in a year?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. It is said that Koreans are genetically prone to depression

4. Does the US, a country full of stars who died when they were young from g*ns and drugs, have the right to say that?

5. It’s absurd to talk about it like it’s just the K-pop problem

6. It seems the dark side exists everywhere in the entertainment industry

7. There are so many Koreans who commit suicide every year, I don’t think the idol rate is particularly high

8. It is true that South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world, but is it time for the US to talk about other countries while failing to tackle drugs and g*ns?

9. What does this have to do with K-pop?

10. ? Please take care of your country.. Drugs, g*ns, stalking paparazzi, drug overdose

11. Damn, shut down your drugstore. Don’t generalize as if all people who commit suicide are K-pop singers

12. Problem????….. What’s the problem???? You guys are crazy

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uga uga

LMAO they just said what I was thinking. Looking down on Korean industry on their are equally bad. The nerve of the muricans.


why are they censoring guns lol


The New York Times should start minding their own industry instead of obsessing over the “dark side of kpop”.

Cause if you lot wanna talk about “something is wrong with the (…) market” let’s talk about how drugs are the norm for American artists, and when asked about it every single one of them would call it an “escape”. How you get absolutely ridiculed and made fun of if you dare to be successful in America despite not being an American. How groups such as Little Mix were straight up told that they would have to sleep with the higher ups if they want to be successful in the American market.

Are there things that suck related to the kpop industry and would need a drastic change? Hell YES!! But let’s not act like the American industry, of all industries, is any fcking better. People truly should start minding their own, at the end of the day.


Didn’t that rapper get shot accidentally or something? We can do the same thing….


Their society is much worst when it comes to depression, drug addiction & gun violence..


Every industry has a problem. Hollywood is the worse.


Americans just love to criticize everyone and their mother, but never ever look at the mirror.

They have that “We are exceptional, thus everything we do is exemplary” attitude.

They think that they’re some kind of jedi nation, lol.

And it’s the same for everyone, be it activists, opinion leaders, influencers, bloggers, journalists, politicians, military dudes, businessmen etc.

I’ve never seen such an arrogance. My american boss lived here like for 10 years, but didn’t even bother to learn how to say Hello in our language.

Even europeans sometime doubt their “we are elves in glowing gardens, while you’re wild jungle animals” attitude.


This applies to Koreans as well tbh


#10 acting like Korea don’t suffer from the same things minus the guns because they don’t have access. But I bet if the did they would be just as bad as the US with gun violence


1. Don’t all the celebrities in that country die from drugs or drug overdoses? So isn’t there something wrong with the pop market?


Hollywood literally has a p*do problem, lets not forget about Pizza Gate. And they rampant abuse by producers and higher ups like Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacy. Let’s not forget about people like Aaron Carter. Demi Lovato. Amanda Bines. Many young people who have suffered because of the American entertainment industry. The many that overdose on drug or get shot like Coolio, the guy from the Migos, or XXX. Before they talk about others they need to first look in the mirror.

Last edited 7 months ago by CallYouOut

Hollywood has a drug problem. Korea has a suicide problem. All entertainment industries have a s*xual predator problem. There are no winners in a contest about which is worse.

And for the record, Pizzagate was a paranoid delusion from the internet that claimed certain liberal politicians were using a pizza restaurant as a cover for a p*do trafficking ring. In reality, the internet conspiracy was all lies and it was just a regular pizza restaurant. Unfortunately, one sicko believed the lies and tried to shoot innocent people. Don’t perpetuate these conspiracy theories – they have real world consequences.

Last edited 7 months ago by Pickle

Why do people engage in so much whataboutism. There a million articles on the dark side of Hollywood. Talking about one problem doesn’t mean the other problem doesn’t exist. Everytime someone talks about the horrible state of kpop, kpop fans get so defensive and then they wonder why nothing ever changes.


Exactly! Koreans always pull that tactic whenever there is genuine criticism of their society and Kpop fans are so far in Korea’s colon they’re defending it by saying “what about…” both problems can exist at the same time grow up.


NYT didn’t say any of that. It’s the Korean journalist that has some inferior complex that made this “dark side of kpop” implications. All NYT did was report that he passed away and mentioned Jonghyun and Sulli were also kpop artists who passed in recent years

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Like Water

1) Moonbin’s cause of death was NEVER confirmed. Please stop saying its s**cide

2) This is not just a kpop issue. This is an entertainment industry issue. I can name so many American singers and actors that have died due to s**cide.

3) The writers of that article are so disrespectful. It’s like they were waiting to be able to write an article like this. He died YESTERDAY, show him some fucking respect


This is just tacky.

Yes, there is discussion to be had abt the entertainment industries, in general and specifically, but bringing it up in this manner is just tasteless, esp when we don’t know of his situation. It’s just insulting to make these kinds of generalizations or to use this to make generalizations abt a people and/or industry when topics like these are so nuanced and individual.

So much for the west being “open minded” and “progressive” abt these subjects.

Last edited 7 months ago by EMs

I’m not sure it was suicide. a suicidal person usually leaves a suicide note, apologizing especially to his family for taking this extreme choice, and he is known as a family man, but why did he choose to take his life on his mother’s birthday? so I thought maybe it was because of an illness or extreme fatigue.

Last edited 7 months ago by Whatever
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