The New York Times of the US “Moonbin’s death shows the problem with the K-pop market”

The New York Times of the US “Moonbin’s death… shows the problem with the K-pop market”

“Moonbin’s death shows that something is wrong with the K-pop market”

According to foreign media outlets such as the New York Times on the 20th (KST), “K-pop fans are deeply saddened by the death of Moonbin, who introduced the K-pop genre to them.”

“In 2017, Jonghyun of ‘SHINee’, Minwoo of ‘100%’ in 2018, Sulli of ‘f(x)’ in 2019 and Goo Hara of ‘Kara’ had tragic deaths.” he said. “The news of the male singer’s death reverberated throughout the K-pop world. His death shows that there is something wrong with the K-pop market,” this person criticized

1. Don’t all the celebrities in that country die from drugs or drug overdoses? So isn’t there something wrong with the pop market?

2. How many American celebrities die from drugs and g*ns in a year?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. It is said that Koreans are genetically prone to depression

4. Does the US, a country full of stars who died when they were young from g*ns and drugs, have the right to say that?

5. It’s absurd to talk about it like it’s just the K-pop problem

6. It seems the dark side exists everywhere in the entertainment industry

7. There are so many Koreans who commit suicide every year, I don’t think the idol rate is particularly high

8. It is true that South Korea has the highest suicide rate in the world, but is it time for the US to talk about other countries while failing to tackle drugs and g*ns?

9. What does this have to do with K-pop?

10. ? Please take care of your country.. Drugs, g*ns, stalking paparazzi, drug overdose

11. Damn, shut down your drugstore. Don’t generalize as if all people who commit suicide are K-pop singers

12. Problem????….. What’s the problem???? You guys are crazy

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