The nominations for the best female solo artist this year are as fierce as the female rookie award

Taeyeon ‘INVU’

Jessi ‘Zoom’

Choi Yena ‘Smiley’

Sunmi ‘Heart Burn’

Bolbbalgan4 ‘Love story’

Nayeon ‘POP!’

Younha ‘Event Horizon’

1. Their songs are different, but the color scheme of Nayeon’s album cover is the same as Taeyeon’s first album cover

2. It’s Taeyeon

3. Nayeon, Taeyeon, no matter who gets it, don’t fight

4. Is it Taeyeon or Nayeon?

5. IU didn’t release an album this year?

6. Depending on the award ceremony, the winners are different and the criteria are slightly different~ MAMA is Nayeon, MMA is Taeyeon, and Genie is IU

7. MAMA is Nayeon and MMA is Taeyeon, it depends on the award ceremony

8. It’s Nayeon or Taeyeon

9. I only know Nayeon and Sunmi’s songs

10. I only listen to Taeyeon’s song

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